I'm Injured?! | Getting PRP Injections

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Eddie 'The Beast' Hall

StayClassy преди 7 часа
You better knock thor out!!
Max G
Max G преди 11 часа
PRP tendon in the distal biceps was needed.not your spine
d h
d h преди 12 часа
Slow down friend. You’ll tear a bicep going this hard
April Mourning
April Mourning преди 13 часа
Now he's actually injured
Big Jay’s Last Rectum Prolapse
Big Jay’s Last Rectum Prolapse преди 18 часа
Liftings and boxings and providings and internet providings…
dale jones
dale jones преди ден
Speedy recovery 💪💪
Zar304 преди ден
Just an excuse to back out of the fight and here I thought you were gonna dominate thor....
Oblivious Anonym
Oblivious Anonym преди ден
But lactose free probably costs more
jumptube преди ден
Erie he brings up the torn bicep in his right arm only to tear his left bicep days later
Eric Black
Eric Black преди ден
Eddie Hall faked an injury so that Thor would lose a bunch of weight and never come near deadlifting what Eddie Hall did hahahahaha
Andri Hermannsson
Andri Hermannsson преди ден
Eddie found away out as usual
Edward Harris
Edward Harris преди 3 дни
Do you guys have Hydration Bars across the Pond? My sister works part-time hear at one in Colorado. They offer all kinds of supplements with the IV drip. If staying hydrated is hard you could look into something like that. Best of luck on your recovery Eddie.
bedrich goschala
bedrich goschala преди 4 дни
At first I thought you've probably tried to break that bollocks kettle pull record 🤣
Scott Kain
Scott Kain преди 5 дни
Recovery practices and when NOT to train is my biggest challenge in life. Training is the easy part.
scott wheeler
scott wheeler преди 6 дни
good luck to you and stay fit and healthy ........ and i think you will win
scott wheeler
scott wheeler преди 6 дни
love ya ed , but you are too hench to be boxing and therefore thats why you are picking up injuries
gman og
gman og преди 6 дни
does it work?
LyrialRS преди 6 дни
Love Doctor Suresh!
koudacyen преди 7 дни
Turn the subs on when the doctor talks
JimL преди 7 дни
Read the supple leopard!
Mattchew E-Dawg
Mattchew E-Dawg преди 7 дни
This is a random question when you sore is it hard to pick up milk like it is for me
Anthony Testagrossa
Anthony Testagrossa преди 8 дни
Big Bear Dave
Big Bear Dave преди 8 дни
Disappointed, I wanted Eddie just to eat a senzu Bean.
Santosh Kumar
Santosh Kumar преди 8 дни
I wish Eddie should recover fast.. I think doctor suresh is from india
james alan
james alan преди 8 дни
ed should've injected water in there to hydrate the muscles
CanaleAV преди 8 дни
The doc's rings are legend.
alfadil adiguna
alfadil adiguna преди 8 дни
please make another big meal video brooo
Mathewmartialart преди 8 дни
surprised you havent link the company you went to
Dwight преди 8 дни
If you lose 30kg you can win.
Karl Ess
Karl Ess преди 8 дни
Saying he is injured is like you would say that one room in a 10.000 room hotel with 17 stages is wasted
kazama516 преди 8 дни
I just watched Thor box a journeyman. Mate was looking like an inflatable tube man! Kick his ass beast! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼
Maciej W
Maciej W преди 8 дни
Now you need to look for a hydration clinic to take regeneration to the next level
Vfams преди 8 дни
Hope for a speedy and effective recovery
Neville Turel
Neville Turel преди 8 дни
so typically Indian!
Maukka Maa
Maukka Maa преди 9 дни
Omg that spike going into your spine. ..🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 allmost dizzy just watching!! Good job man just few "arrgh" sounds and one curse
gruffydd1000 преди 9 дни
Any top 30 welterweight would destroy you.
gruffydd1000 преди 9 дни
err....you cant box?
gruffydd1000 преди 9 дни
Literally none cares.
william martinez
william martinez преди 9 дни
Everytime I see Eddie I can't help but think "why isn't this guy in full plate armor wading into a group Orks ?"
Kim isaC
Kim isaC преди 9 дни
Can’t wait until Eddie drops Thor
Cameron Merriman
Cameron Merriman преди 9 дни
Work in water it will help as you're such a big guy with pure muscle mass I swear run about in a pool and throw punches it will take alot of stress of your muscles while helping with endurance you can even do small weights and throw punches for extra resistance training which will help with speed
John Doe
John Doe преди 9 дни
very easy to predict this injury
MDS преди 9 дни
The man's a tank. If he's injured take him to a mechanic, not a doctor. Massive respect.
W R преди 5 часа
@Baki First day on the internet?
Baki преди 6 часа
@W R just a joke lol chill
W R преди 16 часа
Yeah uuh, tank that just needed surgery. Lame AF kid.
Lakelander преди ден
Enough with the brown-nosing.
elbowdunk преди 9 дни
Go see Shaun Stafford at city fit London and do some high altitude training
Richard Daniel
Richard Daniel преди 9 дни
Good Fortune Eddie !
Gaitonde G
Gaitonde G преди 9 дни
yousuf dubai
yousuf dubai преди 9 дни
That heavy voice itself is 500 kg 😂
J Comm
J Comm преди 9 дни
I’m here for the beard close ups.
Hosea Matthews; The Erratic Outlaw
Hosea Matthews; The Erratic Outlaw преди 9 дни
I hope youre ok bro. At our age its time our bodies catch up with our immortality lol. I remember in my 20s i felt like nothing could take me out. Now, nothing can take me out of the bathroom...😂. How’s Arnold doing by the way? That bald cat makes my nipples harder than who hes named after...🧐jk but seriously...theyre erect.
Adrian Antoniou
Adrian Antoniou преди 10 дни
Can I buy your blood 🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Devin Henning
Devin Henning преди 10 дни
I've had these PRP injections before and man they fuckin' hurt more than you think. Imagine a balloon growing at the center of the muscle fibers essentially tearing them apart from the inside out.
Jacqueline Gonzales
Jacqueline Gonzales преди 10 дни
Cant be hurt!
Hot Enough
Hot Enough преди 10 дни
I predicted Eddie would get injured before the fight.... Wonder how I knew? Now he is covered if he beats or loses to thor.... See how that works?
o t99
o t99 преди 10 дни
Is zhis BS to run away from Zhor?.
Jack Uzzi
Jack Uzzi преди 10 дни
You have to win this fight period.
Logan O'Rourke
Logan O'Rourke преди 10 дни
have you tried non factory farmed meat ? would love to know your thoughts i dont eat famed meat but i do eat wild game. there are some amazing meats very lean would love to see you try them out see what you think maybe do a calorie compare . there are loads of websites send the meat to you even some butchers still stock hunted meat you are a true inspiration cant wait to see you smash Thor Goodluck brother.
charlton 22
charlton 22 преди 10 дни
Feigning to be reigning
G Thomas
G Thomas преди 10 дни
Bugger me to death. Why is he moving it around so much!? 😖
Batuhan Bakar
Batuhan Bakar преди 10 дни
18.43 gurur :D yok mu gören Türk beğeni atın djd (18.43 Turkish brand 'Getir' is everywhere now!!!)
Kasper and Gus Take Austin
Kasper and Gus Take Austin преди 10 дни
Iceman преди 10 дни
10:40 you're really the strongest, I'd never trust a doctor with gloves while I'm lying facedown 😂 Joke aside you're THE beast and the best, can't wait to see the match, I know you won't let me down.
Jolo преди 10 дни
No muzzle then muzzle on WTF !!!
Adam Levinsky
Adam Levinsky преди 10 дни
holy shit I wish the fans that keep this channel alive would go away.
Tom преди 10 дни
Salty 😂
Simon Garner
Simon Garner преди 11 дни
Amazed Eddie fits in that machine
Tom Lawrence
Tom Lawrence преди 11 дни
Straight out of the hyperbaric oxygen chamber to stand next to a road with constant heavy vehicle traffic, must be a body shock
droolver преди 11 дни
Your gonna need some cyber implants next Eddie
Δδιρο ωγям
Δδιρο ωγям преди 11 дни
Bro is that literally a tactical snack pack?
Elliptical Barber
Elliptical Barber преди 11 дни
what is a protein shake or something that's not steroids that will help me get buff. I lift weights, do pushups, situps, etc, but I want to keep getting better.
Chub Texas
Chub Texas преди 11 дни
Already looking for a way out. I called it.
Steve Thea
Steve Thea преди 11 дни
7:09 centrifugal spinach gains 15:04
Ryan Savage
Ryan Savage преди 11 дни
But the question is…are you hydrated?
Liam Queay
Liam Queay преди 11 дни
Eddie I’m injured I have to go do all this stuff Everyone else I’ll just rest for a bit
Alexis Roucourt
Alexis Roucourt преди 11 дни
Fight against Thor is approaching, gotta start laying the groundwork for that excuse to escape the fight ;)
Rick Brandon
Rick Brandon преди 11 дни
Admit it. You just want to watch him sip from the bottle.
David Banner
David Banner преди 11 дни
jonas jensen
jonas jensen преди 11 дни
That needle was HUUUUGE!
Superallie 2019
Superallie 2019 преди 11 дни
Eddie off his face! Pure “cottonwool” mouth. Wonder how much it all costs?
Darth Paul
Darth Paul преди 11 дни
How long is that needle?!?!?!?!
79lloydie преди 11 дни
Hope this don't effect your fight with thor.
Travis Martinez
Travis Martinez преди 11 дни
So is this gunna be your excuse for when you lose the match with thor or is this your excuse for backing out
Travis Martinez
Travis Martinez преди ден
Looky there looks like i called it
cannibalaaron 1
cannibalaaron 1 преди 11 дни
I don't think the mountain will last one round
The BK Stank
The BK Stank преди 11 дни
In 7 days he can say he had a weak back a week back
Anders Vinther
Anders Vinther преди 11 дни
Jesus christ no way I could do that.
Joe Blow2
Joe Blow2 преди 11 дни
It'll be a blessing thay you had to slow down on the weights. You'll be faster and more flexible. This will create more power.
Treebler преди 11 дни
That's because you weren't hydrated
Logan Anderson
Logan Anderson преди 11 дни
Did you end up building your swimming pool spa kinda thing Eddie?
KINGS of KITCHENS преди 11 дни
Big fan i also wanted to become like you my weight is 112 kilo at the age of 15 height 6 foot i also wanted to join wwe big fan you eddie i watch all video of you
T I преди 12 дни
Any day with diarrhea is a good day
Andrew Selfridge
Andrew Selfridge преди 12 дни
Never expose yourself... you just lost the fight before starting it.
Ia La
Ia La преди 12 дни
Where is the fight being shown? Would love to watch it. Respect!
Jannis Wassner
Jannis Wassner преди 12 дни
The taste of Eddis lollypop would be motorcycle and pain i think.
Zoretsu преди 12 дни
Bro Eddie hall gets injured it was all but an itch I get a Lower back injury 3 years later I can barely pick up 50 pounds
Felix Fedre
Felix Fedre преди 12 дни
Are you doing the right kind of warm - up before sparring? Let's see your skipping and stretching.
Subject and Predicate
Subject and Predicate преди 12 дни
It's worrying seeing Big Ed being treated by william chuckspeare. All that lot are Australian original abs. They're exactly the same people, except that on the sub-marine continent, they got mixed up with beachgoers from Europe, who decided to traverse overland eastwards and see their relos from earlier treks. So they trekked overland and sea till the met the aussie abbo, who by this time had made it to the Middle eest, where previous Euro paeans had sought and found sanctuary. The abbbo mixed already with eest azhans then mixed with euros and become the sons of Shem. The engines on the submarine continent couldn't repel thr yuroes and became the Dravidian peoples. Only in oz did the abbbbo remain, as he were until the end of the ate eenth century, when the Cook cooked up a dish of exploration, which he had to get himself, no home delivery in thoze days. Thus the history of the manning of middle Azhaa and the ancient oztrayan boriginal roots of Big Eds doc in Pommyland.
Subject and Predicate
Subject and Predicate преди 11 дни
A splendid syn opsis (Greek, "syn," "together, with," and wps, opis,"(?) "eye,") of our prehistorical history.
Adrian Maycroft
Adrian Maycroft преди 12 дни
Good luck Eddie !
Donald Savage
Donald Savage преди 12 дни
So I watched it up to the needle part of the video, that's as far as I'll go ... Good luck "Eddie"
Phillip Kennedy
Phillip Kennedy преди 12 дни
Dr Mohinder Suresh? He may be injecting you with something else....
Conner Babcock
Conner Babcock преди 12 дни
I know this is a bad time but I'm a huge fan I watched pretty much every single video I seen how powerful you are I know you can beat Thor but don't put your no mindset that you can never lose this fight put your in a mindset that be careful of any single type of situation he could throw anything at you you never really fought before or maybe but you don't know what your opponent has done he could be hiding stuff in that camera making it look like he doesn't know how to fight and he can throw something at you and halftime so be careful Love you and have fun
Earl Duke Official
Earl Duke Official преди 12 дни
Now you have an excuse for why you lost to thor
JAMOSELEY преди 12 дни
I can’t get your clothing site to work :(
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