Will I be friends with Thor after the fight? | Q&A

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Eddie 'The Beast' Hall

Ninja6485 преди 21 час
How is it possible to do all of this and still beat FF7 in a year?
WilfriedAnonymo преди ден
Final Fantasy ftw!!! :D
antonio torcoli
antonio torcoli преди 2 дни
You have a great punching power and a nice technique. But if you want to compete in heavyweights boxing you need to stop strongman competitions. Boxing needs different skills and a different training.
Paul Mihaere
Paul Mihaere преди 2 дни
Be a draw Set up for a trilogy
drew butler
drew butler преди 2 дни
This is a full on genius that chose athletics. I’d say I wanna see him take an IQ test, but I don’t wanna feel like shit in so many ways.
dont ask me
dont ask me преди 2 дни
"Since I matured" I'm sure some strongmen would question whether you matured... How bad were you before? lmao
Cesar Montoya
Cesar Montoya преди 4 дни
You’re already friends you’re making all this money on this bullshit ass fight tf you talking about
juan pesante
juan pesante преди 4 дни
Eddie vs Jake Paul PLEASE!!!!
Flex Gunship
Flex Gunship преди 5 дни
Yes is the answer. The fake beef bullshit the sell fights these days is so cringe.
TooSneaky2Lucky преди 5 дни
That's awesome relationship with your wife bro! That's what is all about in a marriage. If you have a big challenge then the other side is fully supporting you! Keep it up and I believe you'll beat Thor! I was watching that 2017 WSMC and watched the specialists talking about it and I never had any doubts he wasn't doing his reps properly, he should have had 11 or 12, but referee gave him 14, because of his height and "style", still if he was a good sport then he would have never taken that thing personally against you! That was a referee's decision but not yours! Good luck in whatever you do. I just subscribed and will follow you path to the victory over Thor. Keep pros around you and fight with sparing partners, so you'll be ready when the time comes!
Big Fred
Big Fred преди 6 дни
Big in stature and big in nature. A true gentleman and an inspiration to the youth of Great Britain. Hope you fucking knock that mug out. Respect from Scotland. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
kelvin waltho
kelvin waltho преди 6 дни
saw you in meir before you you won worlds strongest man i think you were in wrights pies doing something for them you were a little busy so never spoke the women said i should have spoke you are a really nice guy so next time speak !!!!
D C преди 6 дни
QuinnFN преди 7 дни
Good luck finding someone else big enough to fight you
Jibbi преди 10 дни
i love punching people and getting punched. badass.
william romine
william romine преди 11 дни
You are so full of shit and I love it very funny
Michael Russell
Michael Russell преди 11 дни
Love you man!!
Pandemic Prisoner
Pandemic Prisoner преди 12 дни
Eddie gonna fight Mayweather! $$$😎😎😎$$$. Joking apart, I think Eddie may surprise a few with the boxing, and it would be great to see more Strongmen take this route.
Pablo Mansini
Pablo Mansini преди 12 дни
Have no idea why he hates on Eddie. It’s not Eddie’s fault Thor did 14 reps and not 15. Eddie’s a great guy, met him once and what you see is what you get.
Prakash Dabhade
Prakash Dabhade преди 12 дни
RIP those who think this beef is real.
Jason Hutcherson
Jason Hutcherson преди 12 дни
Eddie no offense but no you haven't!!!! Your form is horrible! You may think your doing good. But any respectable Trainer will tell you no you're not ready for a pro fight. You still have a chip on your shoulder every time you compete it shows. And no offense saw you and Thor's training. Thor looks way better!!!! And I like both of you! You better concentrate on his body. And Only his Body!!!! Go for the Liver. Short of that you got your work cut out for you!
kye tilley
kye tilley преди 10 дни
He’s not having a pro fight he’s fighting another armature who looks worse than him
A B преди 12 дни
Eddie exemplifies sportsmanship! As for being friends with Thor, i would imagine that baby back bitch needs to apologize to eddie as well as to the public for questioning the integrity of the sport.
Steve Botham
Steve Botham преди 13 дни
Your a class act mate
Korgath 79
Korgath 79 преди 14 дни
I’ve followed both you and Thor and I think that the switch to boxing training and shedding the weight has done the both of you a world of good. As you age out of strongman being lighter on your feet and being able to move better will add good years to your life.
Richard Mannifield
Richard Mannifield преди 15 дни
you say complete ff7 im sure you mean finish the story. 100%ing that fucker takes AGES
ianactually преди 15 дни
04:25 There's always that subtle, nuanced difference between "I'll always shake the man of the hand that beats me", and "I'll always shake the man off the hand that beats me"... go Eddie!
Jrodfpv преди 15 дни
Escape goats are on the rampage these days
Road Runner
Road Runner преди 16 дни
Reminded me of Rocky for some reason. Had me thinking Clubber Lang vs Ivan Drago - who would win?
Mark Freeman
Mark Freeman преди 16 дни
Tough times don't last, tough ppl do! YEah man
Mark Freeman
Mark Freeman преди 16 дни
FFVII Fanboy, who wuld have thought?
Mark Freeman
Mark Freeman преди 16 дни
You won WSM? You never mention it.....
james vazquez
james vazquez преди 17 дни
thor knocked out first round
PR200 преди 17 дни
King Kong VS GodZilla
joe boo
joe boo преди 18 дни
you talk too much
Christian Roberts
Christian Roberts преди 19 дни
Talking shit
john doe
john doe преди 21 ден
3:01 Does anyone have a ballpark estimate of what the basic maintenance costs are of being a strongman, beyond the, say, $150-300/mo the average american spends on food?
kye tilley
kye tilley преди 10 дни
I think Eddie said it was costing him £800 a week including all the other stuff for strongman like physio and supplements. (probably a lot of drugs too)
callagoza преди 22 дни
He said "Bottles" but I heard butt holes
Kevin Cowan
Kevin Cowan преди 22 дни
Eddie , maybe your depression started when you had.a bottle smashed over your head . 🤕
Embody Health UK
Embody Health UK преди 24 дни
I would not like to be Thor right now lol!
English Rose
English Rose преди 25 дни
Love these sessions Eddie xx
Embody Health UK
Embody Health UK преди 25 дни
"Lovely to spoon up with at the end of a hard day" hahahahaha!
Teal Hack
Teal Hack преди 26 дни
As a boxing fan and Pending how it goes with thor, i dont see why Eddie would not be able to take on a few journey men like a Tom little after??, gage how hes looking then who knows maybe a chris arreola, marias wach?? who knows if he has the same grit shown in WSM there is no reason he could not end up tangling with some of the Top 50 guys, HW boxing is a lil easier to get into later as the power these guys posses change the game alot quicker then the lower weights, Excited that Eddie is planning on continuing, Good luck
Nate Robinson
Nate Robinson преди 26 дни
I like and respect both strong men. I agree that Eddie was the stronger man that year and the trophy is in the right hands. Despite Thors arguments that he should have been given the 15th rep on the press would not have mattered. It was very clear Eddie had more in the tank. He easily had 3 or 4 more reps in him. No matter how many Thor got, Eddie would have got on more haha. Thor got his title the next year. Everyone won! So much boring drama honestly. The boxing fight will be fun to watch though. Its coming up soon and will absolutely make headlines. I honestly cannot make a prediction. Thor has a lot of genetic advantages, Eddie has an unmatched work ethic. Both will come trained and prepared. I won't place a bet, but I will absolutely watch! Love the content BEAST!
Matt Chapman
Matt Chapman преди 28 дни
Terminator 2 and final fantasy 7, our minds are the same brother!
Lord Enki
Lord Enki преди 28 дни
@Eddie I think you’d be amazing in MMA with that strength!!!
Zuurker U
Zuurker U преди 25 дни
He would need to drop >40kg, but sure xD
DeJaYz 01
DeJaYz 01 преди месец
It shows you are the bigger man ( excuse the pun) you won .. your the champion of 2017
STYX Nicks
STYX Nicks преди месец
Man thought I couldn't like you more and then DBZ and wanting to be goku....The Beast
Daniel O'neill
Daniel O'neill преди месец
Eddie is my kind of guy. Terminator 2 and final fantasy 7. What a couple of choices. Proper lad.
Jeffrey Hauser
Jeffrey Hauser преди месец
When is the fight ?
SND преди месец
It will be the slowest fight in boxing history I think :))) Two very heavy blokes trying to move out of gas.
Pentax67 God
Pentax67 God преди месец
Andrey GOB channel said when visiting Thor during. Sarychev 300kg bench (Thor’s challenge), he said that Thor was saying many times he didn’t like Eddie or there was some sort of anger (sorry I don’t remeber, but it was negativity) , when Sarychev and Andrey were eating at home.
Angelus Avila
Angelus Avila преди месец
You should fight Joe Rogan.
- Blackemperor-
- Blackemperor- преди месец
If I'm not wrong, I think most people are expecting Thor to win. But I got my money on you, Eddie. I think you're going to surprise us.
Vicia преди месец
ive seen that hairstyle only in the douchiest british reality tv shows so its hard seeing it on you :D
Something Else
Something Else преди месец
An "escape goat"...... Nice ☺️👍
Misses Witch
Misses Witch преди месец
He's a final fantasy VII fan ?! and dbz? wow it's my favourite game since I was a kid too. I learnt alot about Eddie in this video that I didn't know! and the fact he replayed it, even more than me, surprised me alot. I replayed the original five times and the remake once. I need to hear about his favourite characters and what he likes about the storyline and if he's good at squatting in game haha. And he's got a good wife taking care of everything for him so he can focus on his fighting!
Misses Witch
Misses Witch преди месец
"Brian would be a good husband" all he said made me giggle so much!
Tony Barfridge
Tony Barfridge преди месец
I wonder how Mr Numnuts is holding up
Tommy Boy
Tommy Boy преди месец
Would love to see him do one more tournament would appreciate it more now! He should just do one but not go in so big
Joe Mama
Joe Mama преди месец
I like Eddie & respect him & his acomplishments but we cant help feeling that this is Just like Merriweather & McGregor , $$$$$$$.
Saucy Jack
Saucy Jack преди месец
Both of you would bet KOd from a pro boxer. But I think you can hammer Thor. Get this done and move on.
Saucy Jack
Saucy Jack преди месец
Both of you would bet KOd from a pro boxer. But I think you can hammer Thor. Get this done and move on.
Colin Mackay
Colin Mackay преди месец
7:39 he's definitely thought about this before 😆
Painis Vergina
Painis Vergina преди месец
Omg what’s with all the hard swallowing and mouth smacking?! Just talk
Peter Daly
Peter Daly преди месец
"Looking at your profile pic you look like a wrong un, keep it up buddy" hahahahaha
Bob Glover
Bob Glover преди месец
I am 59yr old family man that has been following you for some time, for such an intense competitor you have a very charismatic way about your personality that makes you a great voice on this medium, thanks for sharing!
Allen Mccraw
Allen Mccraw преди месец
You made Eddie blush inch in or inch out
Rick Calverley
Rick Calverley преди месец
a man is is only as strong as the woman he's with . FACT
NBK19 преди месец
Let's say that Thor gets that extra rep. It was clear as day that you could've cranked out at least 3 more reps, so you would've beaten him anyway. I don't know what the man is thinking. In the heat of the battle anything can happen, people have embarrassed themselves even worse than that, but to continue spreading the same bullshit after 3 years is insane.
Justin Jooste
Justin Jooste преди месец
FF7!! Damn I dint expect that from Eddie xD What a legend. He's got great taste, that's for sure.
thomas isbell
thomas isbell преди месец
Goku, come on beast vegeta is the bad ass..
dead pres
dead pres преди месец
I love being punched. "Hall, E."
Thicc-est Shrek
Thicc-est Shrek преди месец
after him saying "you know me i take things very seriously" should have been a bunch of clips of him acting like a child with shaw
D Leon
D Leon преди месец
Seen thor in the ring he's clueless as a kid without is mom . Eddie gonna fuck him up
Steven Kilgariff
Steven Kilgariff преди месец
I can’t wait for this fight break him Eddie 🥊🥊🥊🥇🏆
mack10 преди месец
Mark Griffin is my friend your cousin
mack10 преди месец
Mate I no u will win the beast
Miko1482 преди месец
In the begining when the Beast was naming all the things thrown at him, I thought I heard him say "Buttholes", but then I realized he said "Bottles". Can't wait to see the fight!
Chris Sciple
Chris Sciple преди месец
It's funny because even in your movie Eddie strongman you said you would do fighting after world strongest man guess you knew the future
Afraz Bhaidani
Afraz Bhaidani преди месец
Eddie needs to be on joe Rogan podcast asap
Dranline преди месец
How can one become friends with a corpse?
Conner Ford
Conner Ford преди месец
We need Eddie and Brian fan fiction
Isaiah Word
Isaiah Word преди месец
6:00-the question
Jake Welshman
Jake Welshman преди месец
that situation with thor and that competition. you looked like you could have done a few more, you didnt seem physically wrecked after the lifts. so i think even if his last lift was allowed. you would have won
Judd Beahm
Judd Beahm преди месец
These 2 have been friends for years? What is this goofy shenanigans? The Strongman community, although competitive, consists of like 40 dudes at the elite level..... This fight is more setup than Paul v Mayweather..... Difference being, I do believe these two will be gunning for the KO.
Matthew Stone
Matthew Stone преди месец
You should call out one of the Paul brothers an kick there butt.
Ana Lucia
Ana Lucia преди месец
Hey Eddie if you needs a payday after thor , Go get match with those paul kids on u tube the guy who just had fight with Mayweather
Munro Craig-Hallam
Munro Craig-Hallam преди месец
Eddie, meet up with Tyson Fury/Joshua for some sparring
Munro Craig-Hallam
Munro Craig-Hallam преди месец
Born 88 DBZ Squad Fam
nerdicusx преди месец
Fucking kick his ass beast!!!!!!!!! T2 is the best, HOLY SHIT Final Fantasy fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Goku for life!!!!
nasirad ahmad
nasirad ahmad преди месец
The ragged money moberly educate because chill specially murder versus a painstaking ox. maniacal, xenophobic perfume
Kenny Nakawaki
Kenny Nakawaki преди месец
13:25 WHAT?! EDDIE’s favorite game is FFVII?! Holy shit! Eddie you’re so fucking awesome dude! So awesome! Holy shit.
Kenny Nakawaki
Kenny Nakawaki преди месец
11:00 Nathan Payton is such a popular nutritionist/dietician. Brian Shaw has also been working with Nathan for years now and I’ve heard Brian mention him a lot in his videos, so I think it’s cool for Eddie to be working with him too. I looked the guy up and he’s legit. Very cool.
Kenny Nakawaki
Kenny Nakawaki преди месец
9:31 “He’s just another Brian Shaw.” 🤣
Kenny Nakawaki
Kenny Nakawaki преди месец
Eddie talking about marrying Brian and describing how amazing of a husband he is is just adding to the fanfics 😂
Kenny Nakawaki
Kenny Nakawaki преди месец
Dude, that’s just so fucking cool. This entire time I’ve known Eddie for years now, I did not know he was a huge DBZ fan. I mean, yeah I saw his new animated opening with turning SSJ3 Goku knocking Thor out, but I thought that was just all laughs and giggles. But he actually was a huge DBZ fan. Favorite character is Goku. That’s just so fucking awesome.
Oliver Curtis
Oliver Curtis преди месец
Didn't know you loved Dragonball Z, Terminator 2 and Final fantasy 7. I am now more of a fan then ever Big Eddie
BamBam's Dad
BamBam's Dad преди месец
Fuck'm Eddie you dont Need him!!! He needs you!!
Scott Andrew John Middleton
Scott Andrew John Middleton преди месец
2014 Eddie when you dropped that bar the look on your face immediately after made the hair on my neck stand up never seen someone go from so proud to so deverstated so quickly just as well your good at learning from your mistakes cus you sure as hell came back bigger and better and smashed 500kg 💪💪💪
Charles Hall
Charles Hall преди месец
judging by Eddie and myself sharing a last name, being the same age, also sharing a love for Final Fantasy VII and DBZ I'm wondering if we might be related somewhere down the line.
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