Will I become a bodybuilder?! | Ft Ryan Terry

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Eddie 'The Beast' Hall

TARIK MOUNIH преди 5 дни
Wow oml nice vaccum from Eddie....tbh I nvr thought He cud do so!!! Looks too fat for a Vaccum, yet He is just strong n big not fat at all!!!
0_Jumbo преди 10 дни
The tripod spilt a bit of his drink 2:23
Ruiseart Alcorn
Ruiseart Alcorn преди 13 дни
Awesome stuff!!! :)
stuart mcmahon
stuart mcmahon преди 14 дни
long story short, if terry hollands could do it, then so can you. he went from ,lets face it a big guy to super trim and looked great. I think you should do it after you batter Thor!!
Janis Joplin
Janis Joplin преди 15 дни
I know I'm late to the party but.. we prefer you to be truly strong.. so no body building please 😂😆😂😆
Simon Templar
Simon Templar преди 16 дни
Become a body builder, do it Eddie! Conquer all aspects of muscular sports!
ayersman96 преди 22 дни
That dude's big, but Eddies a Beast!
Bruce Borneman
Bruce Borneman преди 22 дни
Does anyone know what the name of the intro song is? I love his intro!
Mel Mel
Mel Mel преди месец
Wow Ok Eddie has literal bricks for abs that I have never seen before. He could build a house with those things
The chronic cave
The chronic cave преди месец
Pin head or earthworm Jim 🤣
Taco2k преди месец
ok eddie 😳
Vr S
Vr S преди месец
2:17 , Mate just spilled pre workout on him and no one noticed 🤣
Gordon Lindberg
Gordon Lindberg преди месец
eddies build is great for powerlifting and strongman but with a waist that big he could never be a pro bodybuilder
Odrigue Badeau
Odrigue Badeau преди месец
I appreciate the quiet dead lifts
Cedric Coe
Cedric Coe преди месец
I reckon you could become a pro boxer. Why not.
Shoaib Ulhaq
Shoaib Ulhaq преди месец
11:35 made me laugh 😂
ABDULJABBAR Salama преди месец
Never 🤣
Joshua Wirht
Joshua Wirht преди месец
I think it's two things that make bodybuilding as bad on the body as it is, eating is the first. Bodybuilders just don't eat enough to keep the body happy and healthy (maybe bulking but even then) and rep ranges are the other. Bodybuilders do at least 3 or 4 sets of at least 10 on everything and usually multiple exercises per body part and they also go to failure really often... failure and not enough food equal injuries. That's my 2 cents.
Bob Z
Bob Z преди месец
Eddie is way too heavy to keep up with Thor. Too much ego into being strong. Hafthor is now very strong as a boxer but not as a strong man athlete I feel sorry for Eddie not surrounded by great advisers
ThePianistInTh30ry преди месец
Imagine seeing Eddie Hall at a stage ready like sub 6% bodyfat... it would be fucking ridiculous
Kuro Ryu Dai Ryu
Kuro Ryu Dai Ryu преди месец
Kay Bakkali
Kay Bakkali преди месец
Whats impressive is Ryan can give off the illusion hes almost as wide as Eddie with his posing alone...
Gui Antonioli
Gui Antonioli преди месец
Fat bodybuilder, that would be a first. ;)
skan-اسكاندر преди 2 месеца
Eddie problem is his tattoos sadly we can't see his arm muscles
ttv_ fresh233
ttv_ fresh233 преди 2 месеца
Dont be thinner to be strong you need to be very huge like you and try to be bigger
Subhajit Nag
Subhajit Nag преди 2 месеца
Eddie Hall, you can hit the vacuum ? jesus christ 🍗🍗
Zerdiy преди 2 месеца
2:23 bit of a spillage in background
The Chumps been dumped.
The Chumps been dumped. преди 2 месеца
Eddie would redefine mass monster.
Ethan CNTower
Ethan CNTower преди 2 месеца
Jesus. Eddies THICCCCCC.. They should have a super heavyweight bodybuilder category..
Tstormer преди 2 месеца
I know these are all straight dudes but this is gay eye candy min slowo
Max Caysey
Max Caysey преди 2 месеца
Hi Eddy, love your stuff. I have a question? What is the reason behind the low number of reps? Why not do like 30-50 reps with like only 100kg?
Dan S
Dan S преди 2 месеца
My girlfriend walked in at 18:20, I just told her I'm gay, it was easier than explaining this
Nade преди 2 месеца
@2:22 the tripod unloads half his protein shake onto his t-shirt
19Philza87 преди 2 месеца
Eddie+bodybuilding=SUPERSAYIANDEHYDRATION. 😅 LOL. Stick the nut on thor from all of us up North amigo.
daywalkermike преди 2 месеца
0:30 : A sixpack and a vacuum ! Holy shit , after the 500 kilos and all the other strength-accomplishments , now this !
Mike Hancho
Mike Hancho преди 2 месеца
I dont think Eddie could do body building. He has too much lean mass,and the muscle groups that support the major groups are so big he looks chubby while having a fucking 6 pack. The side by of Eddie, and Ryan is insane. Example Eddies forearm muscles stop at the wrist damn near. Ryan's are thick, but at least look normal. I dunno how the beast could stop being the beast in order to "body build".
Anish Talwar
Anish Talwar преди 2 месеца
20:30 I guess Eddie should start deadlifting for thickness & christmas tree!
Sorin-Alin Kosinszki
Sorin-Alin Kosinszki преди 2 месеца
And consider the fact that if you didn't have tattoos your arms would look even bigger, cause the blue colour makes them look slimmer... 💪💪🤗
Lorcan Donnelly
Lorcan Donnelly преди 2 месеца
Eddie should Acc try rugby he Wud be a beast in the forward pack
Paul O'Neal
Paul O'Neal преди 2 месеца
You could be a professional wrestler.
Paul O'Neal
Paul O'Neal преди 2 месеца
Tom Yorke
Tom Yorke преди 2 месеца
The Bromance is strong in this one haha
Chris Kelly
Chris Kelly преди 2 месеца
if Paddy was the same height as Ryan, with the same muscle mass he has now, he would be ABSOLUTELY STACKED!!!!!
Tomas Torasen
Tomas Torasen преди 2 месеца
The body composition on Eddie is just Eddie I guess. Abs on the stomach but look fat in other parts, very backwards. The whole midsection is so large, I guess thats due to musle and core strength? You kinda see his base build now that he's leaned down, he's obviously just big and built for strength. Big man.
Philip Phil
Philip Phil преди 2 месеца
Eddie looks a lot healthier
Tyler2 преди 2 месеца
אתה דפוק אחי
Demetrius Cooksey
Demetrius Cooksey преди 2 месеца
I think if Ryan quit using straps for Everything his forarms would be bigger.
tristan hersker
tristan hersker преди 2 месеца
2:24 josh messed up lol 😂
CoCo_bean 04
CoCo_bean 04 преди 2 месеца
jaymobambino преди 2 месеца
Dude looks like he's been photoshopped!
Danail Mitov
Danail Mitov преди 2 месеца
lets gooo
spako69 преди 2 месеца
MIB where they shoot hes head off lol just the same. you know who we talking about :-P .... hahahahaha
ProZ Sushi TH
ProZ Sushi TH преди 2 месеца
You should try basketball 🤑
Mustafa-Kemal преди 2 месеца
Der Eddie müsste erst mal 15 Kilo abnehmen.
Jay H
Jay H преди 2 месеца
Put some respect on Paddy's physique
Titi Denis
Titi Denis преди 2 месеца
@2:23 ahahah XD he tryed so hard !!!!!!!
Duwan Burr-Dixon
Duwan Burr-Dixon преди 2 месеца
Elliptical Barber
Elliptical Barber преди 2 месеца
I want to get buff. I want people to see me and say that’s a buff guy. Should I lift heavy weights 5 times a week for 30 minutes? How do I do this?
ItsCaden преди 2 месеца
And do it consistently
ItsCaden преди 2 месеца
Look up a ppl split and lift like 45 minutes a day and eat in a slight caloric surplus while eating a little more than your body weight in grams of protein
Vishwanath Goud
Vishwanath Goud преди 2 месеца
Vacuum 👀
John Justice
John Justice преди 2 месеца
Two hip surgeries? He should have got on the carnivore diet. Might have fixed him without surgery. Get rid of vegetables!
Ritchie Rosson
Ritchie Rosson преди 2 месеца
@John Justice It is a classic that every expert on health and nutrition I've ever read has pressed.
John Justice
John Justice преди 2 месеца
Vegetables, wonderful for health? Aaaaaahhhhhhaaahhhhhaaaa! That's a classic, that one!
Ritchie Rosson
Ritchie Rosson преди 2 месеца
Is this a joke? Vegetables are wonderful for health.
Jacob Emanuel
Jacob Emanuel преди 2 месеца
I’d love to see Eddie document a strongman to body builder transformation
Luís Gonçalves
Luís Gonçalves преди 2 месеца
You could. It i'll be a ossam challenge. You would be the strongest bodybuilder of all time, I have no doubt.
Grimnir616 преди 2 месеца
Good to see Ryan bigger than his physique days. He had so much potential but was bound to physique weights because of his contract. Such a lovely guy as well.
Jason Hollis
Jason Hollis преди 2 месеца
Definitely should do bodybuilding next
Cosmic Billy
Cosmic Billy преди 2 месеца
Lmao @ 2:23 the dude in the back went to shake his drink and it squirted on him.
prime89 преди 2 месеца
Ryan is a fucking beautiful man 😍
BurstingVeins1 преди 2 месеца
If there was any doubt about Eddie actually being low fat despite looking like he's got a big belly, that sucking in during the posing should put that to rest. No way you're seeing that ribcage on a fat person sucking in.
edafade преди 2 месеца
I had no idea paddy was so strong.
Michael Angelo
Michael Angelo преди 2 месеца
The fact that Eddie has a similar abdominal definition as Ryan
eisha преди 2 месеца
Eddie i am wating for september ....when you will kick the THOR ass....
zuita mx
zuita mx преди 2 месеца
Eddie any tips on the bench and how to increase your weight ?
Danny Gonzalez
Danny Gonzalez преди 2 месеца
2:22 geezer behind Eddie tries his first ever protein shake
Wayne Brown
Wayne Brown преди 2 месеца
Any advise for energy eddie ? I do a very manual job aged 36 and ever since turned 30 i struggle for energy
Julie преди 2 месеца
Haha those poses don't suit you Eddie 😆
mullallylally преди 2 месеца
"Fuck.. have a break "best line
Evan Brown
Evan Brown преди 2 месеца
Don't become a bodybuilder. Bodybuilders use wraps on the pull-up machine. xD
Abinash Parida
Abinash Parida преди 2 месеца
Strongman vs bodybuilder .
fomka kinuli
fomka kinuli преди 2 месеца
nice performance thx mates
Felipe Palma
Felipe Palma преди 2 месеца
What happened with the box fight with Thor?
uwotm8 преди 2 месеца
Ryan terries deadlift max the same as a small girl, lolwat
luminousbluebird преди 2 месеца
I feel bad for most of them in the bodybuilding industry. They all take steroids and it enlarges the heart. Arnold has had half a dozen heart surgeries because he took handfuls when he was a teenager. They don't live very long. They all get heart diseases. They all look good for a few years, and they're dead in their 40s and 50s.
reece piechowicz
reece piechowicz преди 2 месеца
Eddie would need £100,000 surgery to ever get rid of that fat
John T
John T преди 2 месеца
Thank god eddie is strong ....he just dosent have the aesthetics and bone structure to make it as a bodybuilder ...hips too wide ,lats too high he has a functional utilitarian thick look 😂 and what a body on ryan once that t shirt comes off ,superb , 21:30 he looks insane yet in his big t shirt he barely looks like he lifts lol
Clark Griswald
Clark Griswald преди 2 месеца
Stoke news March 2017 - 65 year old man found with missing limbs, one limb recovered from inside the old man's butt hole. So far no suspects or motive identified.
StrangerDanger преди 2 месеца
You got told to go **** urself? Now thats funny 🤣
Ashish Negi
Ashish Negi преди 2 месеца
Could imagine Eddie as a bodybuilder.
birchthebirch преди 2 месеца
So gay.... So very gay
Mr Panda
Mr Panda преди 2 месеца
Next vid: “Could i win in a national grid fistfight?? ANSWER MIGHT SHOCK YOU”
Rick Steinborn
Rick Steinborn преди 2 месеца
Dude, no offense, but you're shaped like a box no matter your weight.
Ju zz
Ju zz преди 2 месеца
Can u compete in the youtubers vs tiktokers? hahaha
TaigaTurf преди 2 месеца
"whatever he hits, he destroys" Eddie Hall in 2021!
George Ramos
George Ramos преди 2 месеца
Eddie doesn't realize he is a muscle beast. And strongest man alive. Alongside Shaw and Oberst.
Scott O'Hagan
Scott O'Hagan преди 2 месеца
Eddie out here vacuuming better than half of the IFBB pros
Ruki TheImpaler
Ruki TheImpaler преди 2 месеца
Would like seeing Eddie trying out the Litvinov workout. 😀
Harry Final
Harry Final преди 2 месеца
Hi Eddie I’m sorry I’m a little late but recently I’ve been lifting really heavy stones like the size of beach balls but my biceps (both of them) popped and almost made me cry , I never cry from pain but that hurt badly , apparently it was from constant strain on my tendents or something
Sheepy преди 2 месеца
2:23 guy in the background, shook the shaker and made a dribble.
KelpStache преди 2 месеца
He’s gunna hit the bench world record
SynnyXX преди 2 месеца
Strong and pretty
MABH - преди 2 месеца
Being that bulky, that’s a solid vacuum pose. I’m super impressed.
Damien Jelfs
Damien Jelfs преди 2 месеца
How much does Paddy get paid?
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