Worlds Strongest man 2021 | The final Part 2

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Eddie 'The Beast' Hall

Alex преди ден
I want WSM in an open stadium I want the crowd to be roaring for the giants
Cristian Shearer
Cristian Shearer преди 4 дни
this competition should be called the Anglosphere strongest man, out of 25 competitors 8 were from Britain and 8 from the US with the rest coming from Canada or South africa with like 2 guys not from some ex british colony XD doesn't sound like the world to me
Trent Cooper
Trent Cooper преди 4 дни
They all seem pretty cool
Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen преди 5 дни
Guys imagine having those guys when you have to move furniture from 1 house to another
Jon n
Jon n преди 5 дни
Eddie. Do you ever stretch, after training?
Demetrius Cooksey
Demetrius Cooksey преди 6 дни
Remember that time Eddie bullied an autistic guy into drinking a glass of his sweat? That was disgusting on more than one level. But now that guy is the World's Strongest Man.
wheelmanstan преди 7 дни
Whenever Brian decides it's his last year of strongman, please coach Brian for his last attempt for his 5th if he hasn't gotten it.
Mushfika Meem
Mushfika Meem преди 9 дни
Please tell us where is Mateusz kieliszkowski? The strongest person I have ever seen.
ReadyBear 77
ReadyBear 77 преди 9 дни
Well done Tom done Scotland proud brother 👏🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
ORDER_OF_CTHULHU преди 9 дни
bro they need to make tv shows, movies and animes with these two man, like maybe a crime show, or some reality stuff or like a comedy man holy hell that would be awesome. need to be written correctly tho cant be no standard garbage need to take theyre personality and interactions into account.
cxvxcbcxn преди 9 дни
Damn, I really hoped Brian would win. He's such a cool dude
Jacob Lulek
Jacob Lulek преди 10 дни
Why didnt eddie compete?
J C преди 8 дни
Eddie retired 3 years ago lmao. He would get stimped anyway
Matt Cleaver
Matt Cleaver преди 9 дни
He got injured in 2k18 detaching his bicep.
michael norbury
michael norbury преди 10 дни
Look here man, congratulations to the Albatross!!! Brian Shaw still lights me up up man, he’s a different animal, to do what he’s done over the years? Then still continue at this level and beyond is nuts. If I’m honest, I don’t think the events presented are for him anymore. A shift in focus maybe? The lighter guys have an edge in this less strength based competition these days. With all that said...there are probably 2 guys that will now dominate in the coming years unless they revert to predominantly static events
Janbacer преди 11 дни
Is he competing? If he's not, why?
J C преди 8 дни
@Matt Cleaver no, he simply retired, it had nothing to do with an injury. And his comment about him being not at the requored evel anymore is 100% correct
kye tilley
kye tilley преди 10 дни
Cuz he’s retired and way too small to compete now
Genius преди 12 дни
Honestly WSM should be Olympic
kye tilley
kye tilley преди 10 дни
Well weightlifting is
Big Boss
Big Boss преди 13 дни
with harry Training his balls off, there's gonna be 3 Stoltman competing by 2023, and that's a wee bit scary to think of
horseliver преди 13 дни
What the intro song called?
thijs kurstjens
thijs kurstjens преди 14 дни
12:34 Brian hitting arms everyday. Great sportsmanship and congratz to Tom
Gijs Tegelaers
Gijs Tegelaers преди 15 дни
First up i love your vids, but you have to stop interupting of filling in questions when talk to people. If u dont know what im talking about look at your chat with world strongest man 2021
Ondřej Klásek
Ondřej Klásek преди 16 дни
"It just naturaly happen" Man :D
Francisco Antonio
Francisco Antonio преди 16 дни
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Nicholas Mccall
Nicholas Mccall преди 16 дни
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Nicholas Mccall
Nicholas Mccall преди 16 дни
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Mark Andrew
Mark Andrew преди 16 дни
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Bella Kelvin
Bella Kelvin преди 16 дни
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Bella Kelvin
Bella Kelvin преди 16 дни
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John Keddy
John Keddy преди 16 дни
Poor Brian, forever training for 2nd place
kye tilley
kye tilley преди 10 дни
He has like 5 titles
Smeggers Smeghead
Smeggers Smeghead преди 18 дни
10:59 What a moment.
Smeggers Smeghead
Smeggers Smeghead преди 18 дни
Why are the guys who compete in WSM all come across as Gentlemen? (except Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson)
EA -YT преди 18 дни
1000th comment
J3ss3 Jam3s
J3ss3 Jam3s преди 18 дни
Eddie very good video,
J3ss3 Jam3s
J3ss3 Jam3s преди 18 дни
Greetings from Finland,
ElConrad0 преди 19 дни
Thanks for sharing this ! Really appreciate your work and as far as WSM goes, for shortening the waiting time for the show. *massive applause*
Joe Fanchun
Joe Fanchun преди 20 дни
Brian is old and not in his prime now but he can still hold the 2nd place,now that is something else
kris kurth
kris kurth преди 22 дни
Absolutely love the update on WSM
DelBaggio преди 23 дни
World strongest national 🇬🇧💪🏻💪🏻
Miika Venäläinen
Miika Venäläinen преди 23 дни
Do they have doping tests?
J C преди 8 дни
They are all on roids dude wake up
kye tilley
kye tilley преди 10 дни
Doubt it
Steve B
Steve B преди 23 дни
if Brian got 205, it was a draw after stones I believe
BaDaBoom преди 24 дни
brian shaw really is a consistent competitor , id imagine it being risky to compete in so many strongmans but there he is. BIG PROPS to the brothazzzz
Ibby Lancaster
Ibby Lancaster преди 24 дни
I can’t think of a more wonderful young man , or deserving, to represent Strongman , than Tom Stoltman. I’ve been a fan of the brothers for the last 3 years. Watching Tom’s rise has been a pleasure. Bryan will always be WSM Greatest for eternity. God bless you all and Congrats to Tom!
Alex Ling
Alex Ling преди 24 дни
licis, keilezowski, mountain, where'd they all go?
Alex Ling
Alex Ling преди 8 дни
@J C aw :( I was pleasantly surprised seeing brian back in the top 3, but unfortunately i think that's the reason
J C преди 8 дни
Martin and mateuz are recovering frim injuries and Haftor retired 1 year ago
parsmad преди 25 дни
Scotland didn't win the Euros but we did win the WSM! What an achievement. Oh yes sir we can boogie!
Hart Dr
Hart Dr преди 25 дни
They should change this events name to World's Strongest Bears... If you know what I meannnnnn
Mark Adler
Mark Adler преди 25 дни
Brian Shaw is almost as good as ever. Stoltman however is like a half human half farm animal hybrid monster. Stoltman will continue to dominate as he gets older, bigger and more confident.
Ollie Shotter
Ollie Shotter преди 26 дни
Surprised this isn't live streamed on BT Sport or something. These guys deserve way more recognition for putting their bodies through this.
panda преди 26 дни
Kai muscle
YouTube Connolly family
YouTube Connolly family преди 26 дни
Brian is such a savage man. He proved all the doubters wrong this year. 39 years old and coming in second place in my opinion one of the best lineups ever. Cannot wait to see him and Tom at the Shaw classic with nothing but heavy events
Operation Darth Storm
Operation Darth Storm преди 26 дни
oberst shouldve played Hagrid in HP
X преди 26 дни
"world's strongets gay couple" 😂
Doctor Death
Doctor Death преди 27 дни
Damn I didn’t know the world strongest man started
Molasor Rosalom
Molasor Rosalom преди 27 дни
Who's bright idea was it, to have WSM in June, in California?
AndyEcho Scott
AndyEcho Scott преди 27 дни
Am I misremembering or did the Scottish contender in the 80/90s (I think his name was Angus) once have his stomach burst open and his intestines poured out during competition?
Misfits74 преди 27 дни
I have loved Brain Shaw for years. Obviously Eddie being a Brit and beating fucktard Hafthor Bjornsson became my favourite and now it gets even better, a fellow Scot, Tom Stoltman 2nd in 2020 WSM, wins 2021 World's Strongest Man. Eddie I hope you crush that big fucking mugs head in. And what about that bullshit 501kilo lift of his. I thought it was unnoficial but it seems it is substantiated by the World Ultimate Strongman. What a bunch of bullshit. I scored 3000 goals in training but they dont count becaue hey were not in a game. Fucking stupid.
Misfits74 преди 8 дни
@J C if it about the world record most of the strongmen agree with me.
Misfits74 преди 8 дни
@J C about what fanboy?
J C преди 8 дни
You have no clue
Mertin преди 27 дни
bringing it home tae scotland where it belongs and started! dont care what anyone says
SKAR преди 28 дни
Fuckin brilliant. Much respect!!!
Noctis Caelum
Noctis Caelum преди 28 дни
M O F H преди 29 дни
World strongest gay couple!! Scary thought
Lee Michel
Lee Michel преди 29 дни
you should have a world strongest man big brother event! would be awsome
The Saaxxx Baba
The Saaxxx Baba преди 29 дни
man if only brian would have pushed a little harder on the log lift !! The man already is one of the all time greats either way and this performance special given that he placed second inspite of competing against guys more than a decade younger than him !! Salutes !! And yes can never get enough of brian and eddie.
ATM преди 29 дни
It’s okay, Brian will always be the champion of my heart.
Jayne Preston
Jayne Preston преди 29 дни
Again duck me Ed looks good. Shit!
Jayne Preston
Jayne Preston преди 29 дни
Eddie looks real good. Who would have though the sport of boxing aka getting bombed in the face would actually add a few years to get ones life. Eddie don’t let us down next year against the game of thrones bell sniff, I don’t think I could take it.
Adam Reeves
Adam Reeves преди месец
Big love the stoltman. How come you have so much money and these lot get less is it coz your youtube channel
Siarhei Karavai
Siarhei Karavai преди месец
Where's Novikov this year?
Quarantine Jet
Quarantine Jet преди месец
He qualified but didn't reach the top 10
J S преди месец
You need to start taking the boxing even more serious Eddie otherwise Thor will knock you out, you should be getting hit by hard guys and your life should be dedicated to this, if you lose that's it forever. I'm a huge fan please prove me wrong
Matt Epton
Matt Epton преди месец
Thank you so much for this great coverage Eddie. Can’t wait for the fight !
Dylan преди месец
We already know that Eddie Hall id the British Loki
Obama Binladon
Obama Binladon преди месец
1:21 bruh
Taco2k преди месец
AHHH events 4 and 5. Brain Shaw was sooo close
Daniel Straub
Daniel Straub преди месец
Where is Martins Licis? Not competing since 2019, right?
Joshus Hillman
Joshus Hillman преди месец
Stop messing around now eddie get in camp
l8tapex преди месец
Eddie and Brian are like brothers...
57Bruso преди месец
When Eddie made fun of Brian and then consoled him made my heart melt. What an awesome friendship
Y M преди месец
Theirs alott of string people in this world
Automan Lastman
Automan Lastman преди месец
ShoutOut from new zealand 🇳🇿 Eddie for Coverage of the WSM !!😍🤩🙂,,2021,,26th,,saturday,,,,,,12:27PM.,,,,,,,JUNE....
A P W преди месец
age makes the difference but shaw always will be the best that's it
Toby Way
Toby Way преди месец
Brian is a legend. Eddie good man for saying he's hero. Both of you are inspirations tbh. I am a millionaire businessman but really appreciate your accomplishments.
Bland Man
Bland Man преди месец
I wanted brian to win but congrats too tom he earned this
ScottishLad24 преди месец
Finally Scotland has another hero, go on Tom 🙌🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Marta Gibons
Marta Gibons преди месец
Golden age of strongman is over
Colm Whateveryoulike
Colm Whateveryoulike преди месец
Maxime didn't surprise me. When I saw him first he did. That showed me he just had a few weak points to fix to be up there.
Russell McKay
Russell McKay преди месец
I'm so damn excited for Tom, beautiful win. At the same time I was wanting to see Brian bring home another W
ARM STRONG преди месец
Were is mateusz?
Zionic Night
Zionic Night преди месец
What if he had a phobia of everything I mean a dude that could punch a hole thru me scared of everything Anyway this dude is the complete opposite of me Im skinny and weak But I do run a lot I've also been known to break metal doors some how
KingHeracles преди месец
So happy for Tom, what a beast. Part of my hoped Brian could get another, but he'll always be a legend of strongest man.
Bon Scott
Bon Scott преди месец
Strange coincidence that Tom won World's Strongest Man 2021 on the Atlas stones with a time of 20.21 seconds.
VanillaDin0saur преди месец
I swear there's one title Eddie will always have, the world's strongest troll.
John Lammie
John Lammie преди месец
Eddie your coverage was 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 I'm so happy for tom to see him finally achieve his dream but take nothing away from Brian what a guy and what a competitor it was a great final congratulations tom and luke you've made us Scots well proud well done 👏👏🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿👑🏆🥇
STYX Nicks
STYX Nicks преди месец
You and Brian should make a comedy..... I would definitely pay to see that but on another note what is some good advice about gaining weight.
James Aitchison
James Aitchison преди месец
Great video again Eddie 👍 Brian and yourself seem to have a real fun back and forward entheusiasm, brilliant to watch. Congrats to big Tom on winning WSM 2021 👍
zach wilson
zach wilson преди месец
You guys should do another "The strongest man in history" series but with a new member to the strongman crew. The new Strongman Champion, Tom Stoltman, alongside with him his brother Luke Stoltman, would make a great new "The strongest man in history" series.💪
zach wilson
zach wilson преди месец
Now we're all waiting to see you to knock out The Thor wannabe.💪
Devin Gibson
Devin Gibson преди месец
I love how genuinely excited you are about everything. Your love for the sport is radiant and infectious
Devin Gibson
Devin Gibson преди месец
Solid reporting on the event! I love the friendship between you and Brian
KINGFLY RON преди месец
Why aren’t you putting a lot of ads to get paid
Jesus made me do it
Jesus made me do it преди месец
Eddie seems like an absolute top bloke.
Kyle Mueller
Kyle Mueller преди месец
is there an update video on how Eddie feels about his Stem Cell Therapy? i am interested to hear how and if it has helped
Quill преди месец
Eddie your going to need to put your new physique on BGpost profile picture
Ed's Outlaw Motorsports
Ed's Outlaw Motorsports преди месец
A fellow Canadian, and 2 of my favs on the podium! What an amazing competition!! Thanks Eddie for providing some REAL content from WSM.
Omar Abdullaziz
Omar Abdullaziz преди месец
"that's Brian Shaw sprinting" 😂
Audi 1
Audi 1 преди месец
They need eddie to be there host and judge as well.
Audi 1
Audi 1 преди месец
Stoltzman had it coming eventually. Hes been working so hard. I wish matuez was competing. Maybe he will for arnolds.
Sanju Chetriboy
Sanju Chetriboy преди месец
Please tell me the name of intro music
Michael Moore
Michael Moore преди месец
Anyone else waiting so patiently for the next video to come out after Tom winning
TheEmzley преди месец
What's happened to that Polish lad that was the next big thing?
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