12 week camp behind the scenes | training ramping up (week 1)

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Eddie 'The Beast' Hall

Zillfallon1 преди 9 часа
Hands down like his Ali. You need ur hands up pleaseee! Ive been waiting for your guard up for soon 1 year
Ivan Jekmohan
Ivan Jekmohan преди 11 часа
Eddie's defense is sharp sharp SHARP 🔪
Aidan Kydd
Aidan Kydd преди 17 часа
Hasn't improved at all doesn't look like he is listening to trainers and he is still obviously lifting weights asif he is in strong man, gonna be a shit fight.
Shane's Warped World Creations
Shane's Warped World Creations преди 20 часа
Eddie, bro you should try and contact Tyson Fury.
Christine Borden
Christine Borden преди ден
Eddie I just heard about your injury and I hope you get better soon. I'm a big fan and will be cheering with you in the fight against Thor.
Huge Assets
Huge Assets преди ден
It feels like any one of his punches can send a >200 lb guy into intensive care.
CrateDigga.mp3 преди ден
Eddie vs gay Paul pls lmfao.
Lielais Tonijs
Lielais Tonijs преди ден
Eddie punching the bag sounds like gunshots, jesus christ i feel sorry for thor
corn hole
corn hole преди ден
Obviously I'm wanting mi fellow Englishman to win but I'm just not convinced man i can't help it
Aaron Johnson
Aaron Johnson преди ден
After all that intro. You tore your bicep. Speedy recovery
Divi Monopoly
Divi Monopoly преди ден
i thnk hes still using his biceps to punch. not as much lats. heard the fights off due to torn bicep
Hummy Hero
Hummy Hero преди ден
Eddie im so sorry to hear about your bicep injury. Hang in there big man we will be ready to see you fight when you get well.
Allen Dumlao
Allen Dumlao преди ден
Back here after hearing the bad news. Godbless Eddie. Hoping for your fast recovery. Much loveee
Fabian K
Fabian K преди ден
And once again, Mr. Edward Hall has pulled out 🤡🤡🤡
jordi de waard
jordi de waard преди ден
Nail преди ден
Road to become ONE-PUNCH MAN 😎
DKGaming преди ден
Look up Oxygen Advantage. Breathing through your nose ect. Might be too late to do it im not sure, but it improves cardio dramatically. I know you like any little advantage boost. It forces your body make adaptations to be more CO2 resistant. Looking good Eddie. If you get him in the corner. Smash him to pieces and don't let him out :D
corey rule
corey rule преди ден
The cardio, moving and the punching technique has vastly improved but by God keep those hands up.
gum tree
gum tree преди ден
Wtf was the technical spar about
seefooeats преди ден
Ive been away for 3months came back Really thought I'd see an improvement but ..I hope this was to throw thor off because at this point thor looks to be more technically sound , come on eddie quit playing and bring out the beast NOW
Julian Bloodworth
Julian Bloodworth преди 2 дни
Hoshikiller преди 2 дни
So 11 more weeks and will see thor on the ground
3two1go zz_steve_e
3two1go zz_steve_e преди 2 дни
Jesus Eddie has left it a bit late to start his training for the fight.... Wait, this isn't day 1? Sure looks like it 😁
David Smith
David Smith преди 2 дни
I like Eddie but he needs a better coach
Study & Chill Vibez
Study & Chill Vibez преди 2 дни
eddie his using his head to block the shots:D
Study & Chill Vibez
Study & Chill Vibez преди 2 дни
thor is gonna mess him up
Randy Savage
Randy Savage преди 2 дни
If Lawrence Okolie tells you to keep your hands up, maybe you should keep your hands up, just a thought right?
Jamie Arnold
Jamie Arnold преди 2 дни
You've got this, Eddie. Thor throws like a slug in cement. Only thing I will say, speaking as someone who's boxed for a while, is get some head movement in. Try the peek-a-boo style; it keeps 'em guessing and it generates power through the legs. Oh, and keep your mitts up! 💪
Glynn Dudley
Glynn Dudley преди 2 дни
Get this man a glass of water.
Sean Jackson
Sean Jackson преди 2 дни
Eddie come on, what was that drop and roll at 2.47??? Absolute basics of boxing is to keep looking at your opponent, If you look at the floor that’s where you will end up. Also keep your hands up and stop this fly swatting shite you got going on.
Ekkaphon Puekpaiboon
Ekkaphon Puekpaiboon преди 2 дни
Is it possible that Eddie is pretending to be slow to trick Hafthor but actually is viciously fast?
Quarantine Jet
Quarantine Jet преди 2 дни
7:59 What song is that?
dublessings преди 2 дни
Those heavy bag punches are hard as fuck
Jamie преди 2 дни
Honestly with everything I see from Eddie's boxing ability he's getting knocked out
Juan Daniel Dobre Espinosa
Juan Daniel Dobre Espinosa преди 2 дни
Great Intro...
꧁FallenAngel꧂ преди 3 дни
This dude is going to get destroyed.. No defense he think he is Mohammed Ali
Steven K
Steven K преди 2 дни
Capricorn sign such as Ali! Hehe!
Lee Mulreay
Lee Mulreay преди 3 дни
Jeez where is the defense, keep your hands like that and your elbows, your gonna get you blocked knocked off or your body ripped to shit....Or both EDIT** I do think Eddie has way more heart and toughness which could be deciding factor.
Adrian Smith
Adrian Smith преди 3 дни
naymuddullah farhan
naymuddullah farhan преди 3 дни
Can someone plzzzz tell this man to keep his hands up
Robert Hoadley
Robert Hoadley преди 3 дни
That intro was great
kylgir преди 3 дни
kylgir преди 3 дни
Kenny Peremans
Kenny Peremans преди 3 дни
punches good , defence sucks .keep your hand always at your ear or it will really hurt you .
TheJudgeOfGood преди 3 дни
Eddie looks much faster than Thor. Great cardio too. I'd put my money there.
TheJudgeOfGood преди ден
@RDJ2 - And Thor must be slowing his down ...
RDJ2 преди ден
Because he's speeding up his footage.
Charlie Griffith
Charlie Griffith преди 3 дни
What is going on here??! Your coach should be sacked. Your unorthodox defender strategy is clearly not working as Josh is tagging you almost every shot. When those punches are coming from the mountain you won’t be able to tank them like you are now… Stop trying to reinvent the wheel and just follow basic defensive technique and put your hands up. It is what beginners are taught for a reason, you’re no exception to the rule
vorcazm преди 3 дни
Please fire the intro guy
NitroTruth преди 3 дни
Has anybody ever told you to keep your gloves up..?
Recreation преди 3 дни
You need to have an exhibition match against someone who is actually going to try and beat you. Once you feel that blow on the chin and you on the ground you will keep your hands up
Nathanial Lopez
Nathanial Lopez преди 3 дни
Put your damn hands up only shit
Hayder Ali
Hayder Ali преди 3 дни
At 9:12 his head looks really weird wtf lol 🤣😂
ConsoleGuy преди 3 дни
Halfthor improvement: From 0 to 58. Eddie improvement: From 7 to 8. (Scale of 100)
Ragav D
Ragav D преди 3 дни
his attack is good. defense is dogshit, sorry.
Speedy Gunsalus
Speedy Gunsalus преди 3 дни
If im thor im throwing nothing but left hooks. I havnt seen eddies right hand near his chin one time.
Speedy Gunsalus
Speedy Gunsalus преди 3 дни
You just did 5 defense only rounds with your hands at your waist. Im rooting for eddie but that is just asking to be kod.
SlenderTall преди 3 дни
please Eddie, keep your hand up. Don't do too much squatting as it will drain you out faster. I am a boxer myself and I don't seem to understand how your coach with 30 years of experience is not telling you to keep your hands up.
Pormus Ham
Pormus Ham преди 3 дни
Cringe intro
TOWSINATOR YT преди 3 дни
Keep your fucking hands up Eddie !!!!
Nick Hatcher
Nick Hatcher преди 3 дни
I don’t get how his coach his happy with his defense man this kid is about the size of Thor and is tagging him up with everything Eddie has power but won’t do him any good if he can’t get inside of Thor
Runner Boy
Runner Boy преди 2 дни
Yep hes not even throwing fast Eddie needs to keep his hands up if on vidal was coaching him
ZZZ XXX000 преди 3 дни
Eddie should go train with Andy Ruiz. He's always boxing and beating heavyweights that are much taller than him.
RDJ2 преди ден
Eddie wasted a year and a half doing stupid shit, what on earth could Andy do for him in such a short period.
Runner Boy
Runner Boy преди 2 дни
Always ?
Observe преди 3 дни
8:46 *waits for larry wheels to appear*
Kyan Lloyd
Kyan Lloyd преди 3 дни
One thing about Eddie is he can throw for a big man, his defensive work isn’t there but attack on the bag he was looking very sharp for a big man. If he’s active he wins the fight easy. Judt wish he could get his hands a little closer to his chin be very sharp for a big man then
libbad преди 3 дни
The Motley Crew. Pin Head, Tri - pod and The Breeze Block. 😁😁(Hands up Eddie my man)
Raul Raouuul
Raul Raouuul преди 3 дни
Fake and heavily edited to make him look fast , this guy is fake and pathetic!!
Stinshion преди 3 дни
U should meet up with Issac Butterfield
robert preda
robert preda преди 4 дни
Uff i really dont know what so say man. Eddie is like one of my fav athletes and i love him as a person, i think overall he is way more likable than thor, i kinda feel like thor is an arrogant prick who thinks he is a movie star cause of that garbage got. Lots of people underestimate eddie and i think were all gonna be in for a surprise . I cant deny tho that eddies defense isnt very effective and fighting someone as big as thor without keeping your face protected just isnt very wise, eddie i hope you get a better coach and do the best with the time you have, i really hope you win this bra !
some of my work
some of my work преди 4 дни
eddies a nice guy... but he seems to be focusing on silly things. Hes so far behind thor now, it will be a complete mismatch.
Dephside преди 4 дни
8:50 yeah thor is fcked xD i hope you charge into thor like that and just destroy that ego of his
Zak Cooper
Zak Cooper преди 4 дни
Bad karma that intro
Lee W
Lee W преди 4 дни
I think we are seeing what Eddie wants Thor to see Relax everyone lol 😉
pbkimblee преди 3 дни
He is not good enough to fake his performance
Shaun Reed
Shaun Reed преди 4 дни
Hands up Brother, that power though!
Morgan W
Morgan W преди 4 дни
Just remember it's not that hardest punch that gets the knockout its the punch they don't see coming.
Cyrus Khalvati
Cyrus Khalvati преди 4 дни
Looking pretty good but the dodges seem kinda telegraphed. Like i can tell where your body is gonna end up. Idk about thor but anyone with a high fight iq will notice this and just place a perfect follow up. Also block closer to your elbow, the top forearm block is easier to go around then your massive elbow.
Cyrus Khalvati
Cyrus Khalvati преди 4 дни
Your looking pretty... dehydrated.
Sean Baron
Sean Baron преди 4 дни
That intro was one of the best things I've seen recently haha
RazvanOmega преди 4 дни
Does anyone knows the music from 8:47?
CROFTAHK преди 4 дни
Great to see this ! hope its going well !
Abe Yantin
Abe Yantin преди 4 дни
Ed, get your fucking hands up!! We don’t want you to get knocked out because your hands are low but that may happen
CryptoUpdates преди 4 дни
Hips look well more involved with the hooks now 👍 clean shit bro
sciure sci
sciure sci преди 4 дни
Why is everyone so surprised he can't fight lol they're not that serious about the fight they just want an excuse to sell some tickets and make money. I`ve never seen a fighter focus so much on weight training when he doesn't even have the basic skills. Good thing he's fighting thor and not an actual boxer.
Bill Kohnen
Bill Kohnen преди 4 дни
I like Eddie. I like Thor. I like strongman. I don’t watch boxing. I wish it were one on one strongman they were competing in.. Best wishes to both and hope no one gets hurt and totally understand that it is a way to get paid.
Meme World
Meme World преди 4 дни
Kokosnöten W
Kokosnöten W преди 4 дни
Eddie is gonna win
Meme World
Meme World преди 4 дни
Your coach has failed you. Even the amateur boxers and viewers in the comments section can see how he's failed to have you correct your bad habits.
Reynier Campher
Reynier Campher преди 4 дни
The guy isn't trying to hit you. Hands down like that in a real fight and it's over.
Reynier Campher
Reynier Campher преди 4 дни
Are you actually going to do hard sparring with someone trying to hit you?
Danny Jay
Danny Jay преди 4 дни
eddie’s reach is looking a bit week
Luke Kind
Luke Kind преди 4 дни
Watching Eddie's and Thor's boxing videos is like watching a pig trying to fly and a snake trying to tap dance, boxing deserves respect not mockery
William Nunn
William Nunn преди 4 дни
Has anyone noticed the reign energy drink fridge in the background? Subtle trolling of hathor.
Matthew Coop
Matthew Coop преди 4 дни
With your head movement make sure you don’t loom at the floor
Gary Lloyd
Gary Lloyd преди 4 дни
That animation though
Seren mccarthy
Seren mccarthy преди 4 дни
Practicing defensive work - keeps his hands down the whole time. Could be a quick fight
E Y преди 5 дни
might want to keep your hands up - just sayin
Tim преди 5 дни
So painful to watch that after all these months the basics are nowhere to be seen. Hands by the side? Excessive head movement like that roll at 2:44 and the weird swatting. Hopefully Thor is just as rudimentary and the fight turns into a scrap.
Believer преди 5 дни
Hands up Eddie!!! Boxing is not only attacking, its also defense Hope you will smash Thor in the ground💯
Chasethep преди 5 дни
Eddie’s intro is the best 😂
JTB преди 5 дни
Keep them hands up👍
George преди 5 дни
Holy shit ok i thought thor was going to win becauae he's naturally bigger. BUT AFTER SEEING EDDIE BOX ON THAT BAG IM CONVINCED HE'LL PUT THOR IN THE HOSPITAL.
pale Emporia manson
pale Emporia manson преди 5 дни
the speed your hitting that bag holy hell thors got a massive storm comin , watched him yesterday and he is so slow 💪💪
WasOverThere преди 5 дни
Looking hydrated af Eddie
Austin преди 5 дни
What if eddie trains like this to throw thor off? A bluff so the other team wont expect the peekaboo style and a demsey roll or two. Lmao.
Robert Vosburg
Robert Vosburg преди 5 дни
Send this to KSI and tell him this how you train hahahaha
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