12 weeks until the fight | Whats my game plan?

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Eddie 'The Beast' Hall

Max G
Max G преди 10 часа
Distal biceps tendon just decided otherwise
Andrej Tomic
Andrej Tomic преди ден
Im not so sure about that anymore
Jason Butler
Jason Butler преди ден
Found you interesting in strongman. Now, obnoxious and boligerant.
Jason Butler
Jason Butler преди ден
let's start with a belch. Privilage has it's limtis.
Cameron Watson
Cameron Watson преди ден
lol this didnt age well get better soon you absolute building 👍🏻
Hwong Yie Hahn
Hwong Yie Hahn преди ден
Rewatching this after his bicep tear. This video has not aged well..... Weigh training does not go well with boxing training...
Henry Box
Henry Box преди ден
GCSE dance exam @3:30 lmao
Max McCann
Max McCann преди 2 дни
His game plan is to try not to go too hard on halfthor, don’t wanna murder him like.
Joshua Parrish
Joshua Parrish преди 2 дни
As a fellow Stokey go for it my man! You got this
Bergvin Kristjánsson
Bergvin Kristjánsson преди 4 дни
This fight will be like just like Kimbo Slice(Thor in this fight) against Dada5000(Eddie in this fight), Thor will get a tko win after Eddie gets a heart attack and falls to the floor.
Linoge Z
Linoge Z преди 4 дни
Uh how about you actually practice punching? We know you can lift stuff by now xD
Frank Pedroza
Frank Pedroza преди 4 дни
Who else is tired to the banana/dick joke?
Rufless преди 5 дни
no boxing training?
Mqix преди 5 дни
its brain injury time in 12 weeks
Mqix преди 5 дни
strong man boxing.... this is going to be insane to watch
Murphy Blogs
Murphy Blogs преди 5 дни
These vids make me laugh 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👀😎🐢
smoka bowl
smoka bowl преди 6 дни
This will be the second fight i get to see live much love eddie you can mush your self to success and succeed
Warrior Mike
Warrior Mike преди 6 дни
9:24 protein and steroid injection. 😁
Kaidin King
Kaidin King преди 7 дни
Eddie hall is looking beast. His physique is looking great.
Pablo Sanz
Pablo Sanz преди 8 дни
am i the only one who thinks someone is going to be killed during the fight?
Muslims are terrorist
Muslims are terrorist преди 8 дни
We all know what happens to people whit big mouths, they get knocked the f out, my money in on thor.
Rippin' with Ruben
Rippin' with Ruben преди 8 дни
Fight is on my birthday, hmm what are the odds...
Billy Jones
Billy Jones преди 9 дни
looking lean and mean!
Splitter S
Splitter S преди 9 дни
Thing is,Eddie is letting Thor know what he's doing....🤔
skinnymanbbx CSG
skinnymanbbx CSG преди 9 дни
Were Rootin for ya Eddie .f him up .work on footwork and head movement ....you got this!!!!!!
Rambo преди 10 дни
To talk total shit for 12 weeks would be my bet, while sucking tour thumb and crying because someone beat your record 😂
David Lammie
David Lammie преди 10 дни
You fucking better knock him out Eddie been waiting for ages to o see this you've redesigned your body and done it great
DevinDTV преди 10 дни
"I'm not going to learn how to box in 12 weeks" lmfao. 12 weeks is so long for skills training. As a beginner, you can make huge improvements in that time.
I know who I'am
I know who I'am преди 10 дни
Thor has miniscule results. Eddie is gonna win.
Initium преди 10 дни
Welp.....no more bananas for me
Christopher преди 11 дни
Aight mate. Hear's this eh? When you get in there, you sock em'. If he gets up, you sock him again. Most important! Don't get socked. Practice using Balrog in street fighter.
JSheetz Artwork
JSheetz Artwork преди 11 дни
8:25... 225kg/295lbs? Someone was dehydrated during that video edit section to type it this way? lol
sabotage dali
sabotage dali преди 11 дни
I know you're going to knock thor out, but toy with him, do some huge liver shots and then to the head and just keep working that body, you're at the perfect height to punch at his sternum. I'll be definitely putting a bet on you to win 🤙🏼🤙🏼
donnythegreat преди 11 дни
I give you and Thor a ton of credit. Both putting in a lot of work for this fight. Respect
Brian Calcoff
Brian Calcoff преди 11 дни
Nahhhhhhh pin head is shredded
Game On
Game On преди 11 дни
I got Thor
Randomized преди 11 дни
I thought Eddie was doing great at first but these days he is slacking. Body building makes you immobile. You’re strong enough, focus on controlling your body. Box!
Bryant Alvarez
Bryant Alvarez преди 11 дни
Im rooting for u brother. The only thing is, try to work on keeping them hands up. Cuz ur explosiveness is why i see u winning but again all it takes is 1 good punch in the right spot from a 6'9 300 guy and its lights out bro.. i know u been sparring with a tall dude but just keep in mind that thor is stronger and larger framed. So just try to work on keeping them hands up. U already got speed, power and explosiveness. I would say work on foot work but it must be hard a guy your size too lol.. keepup the great content.
James Brewer
James Brewer преди 11 дни
I have been following this for a while now and whilst Eddie is clearly taking this seriously I get the impression Thor has a team of yes men telling him he is Muhammed Ali reincarnate and not really training as he should....I might be wrong. Gone on Eddie....knock him the fuck out!
Prathvi's official
Prathvi's official преди 11 дни
After Eddie beats Thor: Thor be like- so what we had a match last night at my HOME....i won there😒
yoga_flow_catherine преди 12 дни
Love your journey good luck for the fight learned so much from your channel Love from Dublin 🥰🥰🥰
RaPiD преди 12 дни
eddie i believe you will win but if you dont youll lose me 10k me and my friend allready aggred we both bettin 10k hes going for half thor and im puting my money on you DONT LOSE THIS
Zachery Estrada
Zachery Estrada преди 12 дни
The plan is to punch him really, really hard. Just incase someone was wondering.
William Treller
William Treller преди 12 дни
Opens with a burp in true BEAST style!! Mate you have all the core strength to be ripping the shit out his body with 1123 Body body 1123. I hope you win 🏅 and make a ton of cash 💰 Come to Australia and do a STRONGMAN SHOW on the Gold Coast!!
tommy pickles
tommy pickles преди 12 дни
the fight between whos the uglier strongman
jimmy cagle
jimmy cagle преди 12 дни
Fight is gonna be interesting but is this gonna be another Mayweather / McGregor fixed fight Or Mayweather / Paul money grabber? Who knows who's idea it was to stage this hate rivalry... dance around...call it a draw and collect big checks? Leaving everyone feeling broke and stupid for falling for it. Hmmmm...🤔
Theinterimbeast87 преди 12 дни
You need to knock all this gym lifting on it’s head and get some bloody sparring done, I think you’ve got it in your head that you’re just going to walk in the ring and 1 punch KO Thor and it’s just not going to happen. If it was a who can punch hardest challenge you’d beat him easy but it’s not that it’s boxing, the fact he’s more comfortable in the ring and he’ll be much fitter than you will result in him making you look stupid in the fight
kuilios преди ден
he does do sparring
Sam Smith
Sam Smith преди 12 дни
Hope you win the fight Ed I'm putting my month's wage on it 💪
K.R.A. Timm
K.R.A. Timm преди 12 дни
We will watch ur career with great interest. Greetings from Germany.
Barbra Absalom
Barbra Absalom преди 12 дни
Go Eddie ! remember you don’t have to lift him & throw him over the ropes ( although that would make for a great spectacle ) you only have to smash him up against the ropes & drop him to the canvas . I’m sure your training accordingly ! Watch some manny pac bouts , light on your feet , head position , you got him !
Krom преди 12 дни
I didn't know there were so many boxing professionals in the youtube comments.
Keyser Soze
Keyser Soze преди 12 дни
Eddie I’m rooting for you man. But you’re head movement and fluidity is so trash. I’m worried about ya. Thor looks like he is really honing in on the mechanics of boxing. With his reach it’s going to be a problem.
cnirvana1 преди 12 дни
Eddie Hall, the popstar of strongman.
Lim AFC преди 12 дни
Will there be a press conference with some banter flying about before hand or? Fucking hope there is because want tensions at there highest when two titans go to war🤣gonna be thunderous...like when Odin fought the big bad wolf on the day of Ragnarok! Come on Eddie the Cannon Hall. Bring it home for the 3 lions.
Nathan Moorthy
Nathan Moorthy преди 13 дни
Better train inboxing Thor has better reach cuz of the hight difference.. just saying
RARA64HUNNID преди 13 дни
eddie hall could actually benefit from dropping another 30lbs. it would make it too hard for thor to chase him around the ring.
Ya преди 13 дни
Man you just have to give respect to this man wether you hate or love him. Mad respect Eddie
theBrosDurham преди 13 дни
The tale of the Anglo-Saxon repelling the Norse all over again.
Mr Key
Mr Key преди 13 дни
Cant wait for this Eddie but i will settle for nothing less than you re-donning the pink leotard to knock 'im out!!
Brandon преди 13 дни
Bro I've watched you since like ealry 2020 late 2019 Keep grinding
Ryan преди 13 дни
I’m dying with the editing in the warmup lmao
Ben MacDonald
Ben MacDonald преди 13 дни
You should learn the peek a boo style, it will be perfect against a tall guy like thor.
horseliver преди 13 дни
What the intro song called?
Squelch преди 13 дни
Theres no way this makes it to the second round !
Callum Rodgers
Callum Rodgers преди 14 дни
Your trainer should try doing all that without being stacked full of steroids and be showing all us ped free folk how to!!
Raymond Franklin
Raymond Franklin преди 14 дни
If you don't keep your hands up His long arms are going to knock you out so easily it isn't funny
Nathan Garry Govender
Nathan Garry Govender преди 14 дни
Eddie been doing some good prep. Looking a lot leaner vs WSM
Luis Errington
Luis Errington преди 14 дни
Ed you should show us what your eating going threw this camp see how it compares to what you used to be eating for WSM
Martin Farkas
Martin Farkas преди 14 дни
You will lose
Roy Bolder
Roy Bolder преди 14 дни
I always did that stand up using the weights, now in the New gym I got a one time warning. Do it again and I'm out😑 they aint used to heavy weights🤣 Take of your shirt to pose and your out for intimidation 🙃😱
Rex Torrinello
Rex Torrinello преди 14 дни
You're way strong enough, speed, quickness and timing is key.
danny tymus
danny tymus преди 14 дни
I love how Eddie's repping out by 2 rep max on the landmine press
Joe Free
Joe Free преди 14 дни
Jonwen Qiu
Jonwen Qiu преди 14 дни
The intro was 👌👌(burp)
Panzer Hanz
Panzer Hanz преди 14 дни
This fight is going to be an absolute trainwreck of arm punches and gassing out after the first round.
Lickow3 преди 15 дни
Yea lets tell my opponent how am i going to beat him up, so he can prepare
GoProseph преди 15 дни
Ahh Florida..... Where freedom is still a thing.
Jinx Head
Jinx Head преди 15 дни
Holy shit, you've gotten a lot slimmer and more athletic. Looking good, man!
convict convict
convict convict преди 15 дни
Is patrik wifr brother
Yosef Zaner
Yosef Zaner преди 15 дни
@Eddie 'The Beast' Hall Are you planning on posting the boxing match, regardless if you win or lose? (Personally, my money's on you, but you never know)
zach everhart
zach everhart преди 15 дни
Thors gonna have some injury and couple weeks out and his dad's gonna be the one the figures out he's been hurt for a while
Clint Westwood
Clint Westwood преди 15 дни
Eddie ..Eddie.. Eddie!
Phu Phan
Phu Phan преди 15 дни
Imagine if Jake Paul decides to fight Eddie.
Wade Brothers
Wade Brothers преди 9 дни
@danieldannypow Pinnegar you're right it wouldn't be a fight it would be a slaughter
danieldannypow Pinnegar
danieldannypow Pinnegar преди 14 дни
It wouldn’t be a fight
Groft13 преди 15 дни
Eddie looks in the best shape ever since ive been watching him, the slimmer and more muscular look fits you well man keep up the hard work
megaellian pamungkas
megaellian pamungkas преди 15 дни
lol good luck
Dirty FoodStealer
Dirty FoodStealer преди 15 дни
12 weeks till you get your arrogant face kicked in you mean
Ultimate PELLIKKA преди 15 дни
David Tua can easy punch you out his prime time. Even my punch is brutal and deadly, if you want try me??
Radu Pop
Radu Pop преди 15 дни
Hey Eddie! I really want you to win. I got a big piece of advice for you! Please listen, or if someone who knows you personally sees this please tell him. What joe rogan said about using your body rotation is true. The real force of the punch must come very easy from the centrifugal force of your body. Move your body first and the hand will follow naturally. Good luck! Hope to see you ko him fast:)
connor colquhou
connor colquhou преди 15 дни
Maybe stop with the weights and work on flexibility, speed, timing and endurance. You've got power but you need to work on that cardio major and of course the fundamentals, I would barely if not at all touch weights.
Felix Fedre
Felix Fedre преди 15 дни
I think Eddie should get off the weights completely, since the fight is only 12 weeks away. It's not a wrestling match it's a boxing match. He should be sparring and running, doing lots and lots of pads and ring work. All this weight training is going to be worse than useless in the fight.
S Cruz
S Cruz преди 15 дни
Eddie is probably the better boxer but Thor is in much better shape than Eddie.
NormalStyleCrew преди 16 дни
make sure live stream links are posting ahead of schedule
Noah Dominguez
Noah Dominguez преди 16 дни
Tha kids getting bigger
Emma Hazeldene
Emma Hazeldene преди 16 дни
Eddies trainer is that ripped he’s even got a six pack on his head!
Callum Rodgers
Callum Rodgers преди 14 дни
It's called STEROIDS!! 🤣🤣🤣
Ryan Dewitt
Ryan Dewitt преди 16 дни
225kg=496lbs not 295 lol.
Big Drip
Big Drip преди 16 дни
I can see Eddie playing as a Viking in a movie idk why
Abby Roberts
Abby Roberts преди 16 дни
Great content 🥰
rex_plode преди 16 дни
I want to see Brian Shaw walking him out to the ring. Would look so cool. Throw Oberst there if you can.
Joseph Kelly
Joseph Kelly преди 16 дни
Has anyone ever realized how much Eddie Hall resembles "Zangeif" from Street Fighter.
alex Pudding
alex Pudding преди 16 дни
More like a Butterbean
taha elhour
taha elhour преди 16 дни
I hope to Allah he's doing some actual fights and endurance training off camera.
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