495LBS Incline Bench Press | Chest & Arms

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Eddie 'The Beast' Hall

Abandoned Seekers
Abandoned Seekers преди месец
Wish you had gym T-shirts saying The Beast In Training lol
Eddie Halls Biggest Fan
Eddie Halls Biggest Fan преди месец
when i looks at eddies face it scares the fucking hell out of me
Tomas bako
Tomas bako преди 2 месеца
deckard6_6 преди 2 месеца
i genuinely believe that stopping most heavy weights and placing all focus on boxing is in Eddies best interests. He isn't short of strength and power, he is short on boxing and movement. He might gain 1 to 2% power with all these hours of weight training, but he could improve his boxing 300-500%.
Brad patterson
Brad patterson преди 3 месеца
Your A beast, love wht you have become for us big guys, keep it up man. Much love from australia
MD Oyon 89
MD Oyon 89 преди 3 месеца
Intro song name plz
Alfred Larsen
Alfred Larsen преди 3 месеца
But how mutch trenbolone and test and boldone in a week? 😁
Conor McBudweiser
Conor McBudweiser преди 3 месеца
Reps of is how the record holders train with the bench press, reps of 30, reps of 20, reps of 10, reps of 5, they start off light and work their way up each session, if you can't do more than 2 then you have to much weight on the bar and could explain why you are not increasing your bench.
-Nath- преди 3 месеца
I've noticed when you bench you let the bar sink into your chest before you press back up. It's not a bounce or a pause as such but a depression into the body. Do you feel this helps then with the press back up . Would love to give it a go myself if that's the case
Adrian Graham
Adrian Graham преди 3 месеца
Would this be an ok idea for a video. You and Ross edgely again. Swapping your diets for the day. Your strongman diet vs his great British swim diet. I know you both were smashing the calories in both diets but there was a lot of difference between the two. You and him are quite funny to watch together acting like kids
ray curtis
ray curtis преди 3 месеца
5:00 take note ryan crowley.
Dylan Coulson
Dylan Coulson преди 3 месеца
No one gonna mention ‘that video’ 😳
Logan de boss
Logan de boss преди 4 месеца
I can do that too, but the kilos are pounds and I'm on a flat bench.
Super1 foxtrot
Super1 foxtrot преди 4 месеца
he hasn’t seen the video...
Isak? ?
Isak? ? преди 4 месеца
marry me plis
Fabrí Ferro maromba
Fabrí Ferro maromba преди 4 месеца
Obrigado por traduzir para português
Αλέξης Τσιπρας
Αλέξης Τσιπρας преди 4 месеца
at 4:20 i had ryan flashbacks
Mr Bottom Text
Mr Bottom Text преди 4 месеца
Benjamin преди 4 месеца
I can beat you in a race tho 😁
Fowler1 преди 4 месеца
Ryan Crowley watching the 495 rep 😳
It Is Finished
It Is Finished преди 4 месеца
Sloppy style + He has no fight game + He just all Power
Gronk 87
Gronk 87 преди 4 месеца
Get into the ring with him, then talk, if your heart is still beating after
Ben Brown
Ben Brown преди 4 месеца
Eddie clearly hasn't been watching Larry Wheels Channel recently if my man is doing incline bench
Shawn O'Connor
Shawn O'Connor преди 3 месеца
That's the funny thing😂 hes always lifted heavy and isn't a fool. Hes a true freak and athlete.
Liam Adams
Liam Adams преди 4 месеца
Eddie man, hows sparring going? Have you tried getting amateurs or pros to help you train?
not that serious
not that serious преди 4 месеца
The press was sooo smooth!! It was like you were benching an empty bar!! Of course we can't wait for the fight but fking smash that bench record after that fight!! You can easily do it!!
Aisling Oneill
Aisling Oneill преди 4 месеца
who are you fighting?...thor?
A преди 4 месеца
Bizarre monster
smg267 преди 4 месеца
Stop listing Freedom units. KG's for Kings!!
Game Theater
Game Theater преди 4 месеца
5 plate incline bench is cursed.
william nicolich
william nicolich преди 4 месеца
Your shoulder is hurting because you’re doing 2 reps with 495 very very impressive so you’re probably good for 550 or 575 on the incline max.I think you should join UFC.
Vlad Maystruk
Vlad Maystruk преди 4 месеца
Has Eddie seen the deadly incline bench video?
MonkeyDMarshall преди 4 месеца
Watch getting into a habit of droping ur right arm when u jab doing the cable punches
Connor Kneller
Connor Kneller преди 4 месеца
How do u not get injured doing those punches with the weights , ur fully extending idk how ur elbow doesn’t implode
Anthony White
Anthony White преди 4 месеца
can you not buy your apparel anymore?
Icemarsoc преди 4 месеца
You got this Mr. Hall, I'll be tuning in to watch your fight my dude... Good luck with training!
died1yearago преди 4 месеца
mirin eddie "the gut " hall
Ordino g
Ordino g преди 4 месеца
Eddie you are one bad ass dude. I wish you can be my training . You are a huge mentor in my life . I respect you too the fullest. You are number 1 on all levels keep up the great work brother . Canada needs a guy like you
MattSwimZ преди 4 месеца
Who’s here after Ryan crowley’s horrible pec tear
Mad World
Mad World преди 4 месеца
Some bodybuilder tried to lift the same weight with Larry wheels and he tore his pec, looked fucking horrendous. Body builders are strong but they can’t keep up with strongmen, this shows the difference. This guy isn’t even focusing on strongman and he can do it for 2 and the bodybuilder has had a career threatening injury
PAULDADUDE преди 4 месеца
when eddies arms are twice the size of your legs
James Anderson
James Anderson преди 4 месеца
100kg cable punch I'm sorry what the fuck man that's not human
jordan hughes
jordan hughes преди 4 месеца
Scrap cable machine punches , work on high velocity medicine ball throws , be good to see some rotational explosiveness being built aswell , oblique and hip strength for transferring that weight into his hooks ...to do a number on thor he'll have to do most of his work on the inside with hooks and overhands
Simmy The man
Simmy The man преди 4 месеца
I don’t give a fuck anymore I’m just going to say it. I want someone to make a god damn time machine so we could go back to that god damn 500kg deadlift and put more weight on so no one could add a poxy 1kg. Sorry Eddie but you went through a place no one in this industry has gone through. ( obviously without any health issues 🤣)
Gamer2052 преди 4 месеца
Just starting seeing some strong man stuff, some people may have also lifted 500kg, they will also be remembered, but you will always be known as the person that lifted half a ton first, not 501kg, not any higher or what the record is, 500kg. Mad respect to you Eddie...
One Handed Dude
One Handed Dude преди 4 месеца
Whats the incline angle? Did i see a car polisher for a massager?
bradyktraining преди 4 месеца
Nice bro we all start somewhere 💪
G D преди 4 месеца
Gents sometimes if you feel useless in your life... think about the guy behind the incline bench press with 225kg, that should help Eddie in case someting goes wrong... lol
Ard Skellig
Ard Skellig преди 4 месеца
Be careful of pec tears, like Ryan Crowley who tried the exact same 495lbs
Jok3er271 JKlilmonkey
Jok3er271 JKlilmonkey преди 4 месеца
Eddies form in benching is like one of the very few who bench correctly. Never bounces it off the chest, goes slow and tries to put resistance. I bench like that but no where near as much as Eddie does, but I do start off with 185 and gradually go up to 275 but I try to bench just like Eddie, slow and controlling on the way down.
Phil Ellul
Phil Ellul преди 4 месеца
Crazy strong Chucking 16stone around punching 100kg 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼
Phil Ellul
Phil Ellul преди 4 месеца
I think 1 week before the fight you should take of so your arms are full recovered not sore so all the power there are warm up the day before or two days 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼
J Boops
J Boops преди 4 месеца
you will probably beat thor but if you're honest you have to admit his video intro is cooler than yours
Terry Driscoll
Terry Driscoll преди 4 месеца
It’s been killing me for weeks, what’s the intro song?!🥺
K&K PROP-MGMT LLC. преди 4 месеца
So I've never watched strongman or weight lifting but I'm completely hooked on you and Shaw's channels. Huge fan now. I will be rooting for you in boxing match. He really is surrounded by fanboys. Keep training man and get it done.
strawsincluded преди 4 месеца
I can't be the only one who saw that video of a pec tear on a 315 incline bench
Julian Laustsen
Julian Laustsen преди 4 месеца
it's stupid to train like this when ur supposed to get good at boxing.
Ernest Grantoza
Ernest Grantoza преди 4 месеца
Idk why but because of you I'm starting to dream of being the strongest man 🤣
Salif Kuchay
Salif Kuchay преди 4 месеца
Larry did 220 for 18
jmber27 преди 4 месеца
Still strong af 👊
Ekain 348
Ekain 348 преди 4 месеца
Your gonna Smash thor
Game changer Υт
Game changer Υт преди 4 месеца
edli samba😐
mitch преди 4 месеца
Try and be careful with that shoulder mate, I know it's dumb to be telling you this and I don't know what injuries you've had in the past asides from your bicep but I've noticed your shoulder is hurting you more and more. Don't let it get to a point of it's gonna take months to get back to 100% and putting a limiter on what you can truly do. I've got 5 torn muscles and tendons that I've been rehabilitating for the past month and it's honestly set me back so far in my training after training, eating, sleeping and recovery to the best of my ability for months. Going into a fight this weekend where I doubt I'll come out with less than 2 freshly torn injuries all because I didn't listen to my body
JRR31984 преди 4 месеца
Men's Health magazine was reporting on Eddie/ BEAST. GO MEN'S HEALTH MAGAZINE
apex 004
apex 004 преди 4 месеца
"dude I hit 225 on incline today"
Real Dolgopolav Most Senior
Real Dolgopolav Most Senior преди 4 месеца
Larry doing 5 plates every week seemingly
Pejter преди 4 месеца
Eddie's intro song: Dafuk - Asi C
Arjun Singh
Arjun Singh преди 4 месеца
I want to see you stromger than julius maddox on the bench
Tom Wyley
Tom Wyley преди 4 месеца
I don’t see why training the reverse movements or the normal jab movements with weights would be bad. Cristiano Ronaldo used to practice shooting and doing stepovers with ankle weights so it should be applicable to boxing aswell.
lukas peciura
lukas peciura преди 4 месеца
hey eddie ever tried experimenting with some angular rotation with weight to get that angular strength developed like the old bowling pins workouts and stuff like that
Evan King
Evan King преди 4 месеца
Just want to say unfair to Eddie hall losing the world record because how high the bar was it’s not fair at all
michal wojtylo
michal wojtylo преди 4 месеца
WTF Eddie is 1988? I'm older. OMG
Marcelo Channel
Marcelo Channel преди 4 месеца
damn your a beast
Lachie Taylor
Lachie Taylor преди 4 месеца
I think a lot of us are very scared to do incline bench now after THAT video
David Brandon
David Brandon преди 4 месеца
Yes beast! I have met someone with your style and Strength!! Maybe ready to take it to another level? Please respond as I think it would be the right match. Big up the beast! Keep moving as you are. And it’s a done deal!
David Brandon
David Brandon преди 4 месеца
Very good. Is there a winner??
bumndrass преди 4 месеца
Still got it big fella!
GGZII преди 4 месеца
If Eddie does semi decently at boxing I feel it could inspire a new style of boxing, where you aren't just a 20Stone heavy fat bloke with good technique but a pure power muscle man that can just floor someone. I wonder if more strong men will be inspired to take to the ring?
Meruex преди 4 месеца
your video on the 500 Kg bench was the greatest video i have ever seen. Youre truly an inspiration.
Adam Grundy
Adam Grundy преди 4 месеца
Eddie have you got a powerkube to see how hard you can punch
Kenneth Johnstone
Kenneth Johnstone преди 4 месеца
Great commitment Eddie...my uncle, Walter McGowan who was a Flyweight world champion and one of Scotland's finest used to always say to me..."when you go into the ring with an opponent you have to want to destroy him completely and have every bit of anger, hate and focus captured in boxing skill and at your disposable or you will never be a champion"...outside the ring he was great friends with many of his fight opponents and held them in the highest respect and generous to a fault.
Ivan Galvis
Ivan Galvis преди 4 месеца
When I heard you talk about doing punches with the cable I thought you were going to do like 20KG. I was speechless when I saw you do 100KG. Those were good solid jabs too! Great accessory work!
Ragav D
Ragav D преди 4 месеца
Ed! Please do not get injured lifting those heavy heavy stuff! You are ahead dont fuck it up for yourself man, just saw a guy rip his peck clean off on Larry wheels channel. Be safe around those weights beast! And put thor to sleep
zip zap
zip zap преди 4 месеца
Part of me wants Eddie to win this boxing match on points!! Just 1 though the irony 🤩🤩
Zach Pape
Zach Pape преди 4 месеца
I’ve recently started to get back in the gym. Mostly to lose some much needed weight. But also to get stronger. Eddies videos get me pumped and motivated to get in the gym and push myself. On days where I’m going for a max I have his stuff on in the back ground all day.
Kaustav Das
Kaustav Das преди 4 месеца
If Eddie wins...he should fart in The Mountain Face as a Reward
Andrew Nixon
Andrew Nixon преди 4 месеца
Eddie's deffos gunna knock that prick thor the bor out round 1 booooomfffff
Karolina K
Karolina K преди 4 месеца
Is there anyone who can tell me when is this fight?
Samuel King
Samuel King преди 4 месеца
Youre getting old mate 🤣🤣
Heath Boyles
Heath Boyles преди 4 месеца
you should spare against logan paul for a video :) that would be crazy content!
j sims
j sims преди 4 месеца
Eddie quitting strongman to get into boxing would be like Peyton Manning quitting football to be a wrestler. A waste of talent.
Ink Master
Ink Master преди 4 месеца
Fav lifter!!! Love from uk/asia
mark pape
mark pape преди 4 месеца
I never understud why so little rep's, why do people do that, go for weight were they can only do so many, the muscle grow's by repertition, so their for the muscle moved through movement why'll under weigth grow's bigger and better through repeatedly moveing throught an exercise. Not through going as heavy as you can and just trying a veiw movement's. Drop the weight and really build, at least 100rep, one rep equals 1 percent of your effort.
mark pape
mark pape преди 4 месеца
Before i watch, go for volume 100rep as heavy as you can go on what ever, when you get the 100rep go up in weight, know i know your strong man history, but you aint training for most weight your training for endurance, just try it, work your way up the kg, longevity at weight is what you should aim for.
Sean преди 4 месеца
Your like one of them characters in cartoons who destroy brick walls
Lonetides преди 4 месеца
Who's the guy that's always training with you Eddie?
Charlie Gilchrist
Charlie Gilchrist преди 4 месеца
“Fucking shoulder hurts” proceeds to lift 225kg for double negative reps (whilst completing the rep on the way up lol)
Soham btw
Soham btw преди 4 месеца
Eddie 'the boxer' Hall
sneeky1017 преди 4 месеца
Hey just a question. Are you going to stop juicing leading up to your boxing match or will you continue your cycle as usual ?
Andre Pieters
Andre Pieters преди 4 месеца
if the world runs short of cranberries let's blame eddie LOL
Zaza Head
Zaza Head преди 4 месеца
Hey I was wondering if you train your neck?
Future преди 4 месеца
I thought i clicked a mark plummer video when i heard the intro
PEAKY PIKERS преди 4 месеца
Just a quick 1, every time u stretch out ur jab ur right hand drops boxing basics is about repetition, if ur doing something wrong in training it will happen in the ring.
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