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Eddie 'The Beast' Hall

NormalStyleCrew преди 58 минути
5:38 the connor mcgregor method of fight loss
Jim Taggert
Jim Taggert преди 5 часа
He has the biggest balls of all…
Hinesh Meraka
Hinesh Meraka преди 5 часа
Man 🤟, ❤️ from India
I SonicRush01 I
I SonicRush01 I преди 8 часа
damn that suit makes you look way bigger bro. AWESOME!
Prime Matt
Prime Matt преди 15 часа
Thumbs up for Brycie 👍🏼
Barbell music
Barbell music преди 16 часа
True Gentlemen Just pure class. Damn you are amazing bastard Eddie.
Adam stewart Prestage
Adam stewart Prestage преди 18 часа
In the thumb nail you look so unimpressed with having to wear a suit and tie. I feel you Eddie. Also get well soon so you can kick that cheating git Hafthor.
Tabootrinket преди 20 часа
Eddie should definitely try to audition for the character Kingpin in the MCU.
Vinayak Tyagi
Vinayak Tyagi преди 21 час
He's back with the cute intro. Makes sense. It's alright. Take your time, Beast. Get back soon! 🤞🏻❤️
S x
S x преди ден
Watching Eddie eat food always makes me happy. His love of food is legendary
gb_2000 преди ден
Colin and Eddie, this brings back some memories.
Big T Zone
Big T Zone преди ден
Holy Shit Eddie.... Did you forget you have a big fight in 2 months??????? Thor is going to murder you. If you don't take this serious!
Liam ES
Liam ES преди ден
Yes love that the old intros back
Mike R
Mike R преди ден
I thought Albert Hall was your long lost brother at first. I was like where is he?
Dan R
Dan R преди ден
er nope
SuS. GAMING преди 2 дни
england is beautiful
pedro carmona
pedro carmona преди 2 дни
EDDIE! Your Axel Press Record was just broken by Bibi! I’m hoping your not dehydrated right now.
saucy nonchalance
saucy nonchalance преди 2 дни
best intro ever
The Herd
The Herd преди 2 дни
I want more Eddie The Beast Hall shirts! I cant find them anywhere
ABDULJABBAR Salama преди 2 дни
2:43 NO
Saleh Abushatara
Saleh Abushatara преди 2 дни
take the piss - Eddie 2021
Jm 115
Jm 115 преди 2 дни
oh yeah, mans got the old intro back!
Leandro Silva.
Leandro Silva. преди 2 дни
Adam Sheldrick
Adam Sheldrick преди 2 дни
Disappointed you were not there tonight
Steven Graham
Steven Graham преди 2 дни
Welp, atleast he's hydrating now.
batal youssef
batal youssef преди 2 дни
Hhhhh man you don't give damn hhhhhh
Klemen Pernat
Klemen Pernat преди 2 дни
He needs to armwrestle Schoolboy
D S преди 2 дни
keepin that low glucose diet i see
D S преди 2 дни
you seriously forgot your shoes for attendance at the Royal Albert Hall??........BAAHAHAHHAHAHAAAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!
Ewelina Bywalec
Ewelina Bywalec преди 2 дни
You're not going to be a big man.
Samy Fay
Samy Fay преди 2 дни
Amusing detail. At 4:33. I am convinced that the waiter expected Eddie to only pick one or two sachet off the plate but Eddie took the whole. lol
Devila103 преди 2 дни
Whenever Colin appears in a video with Eddie or Brian Shaw, I expect a clip of his “Space Cowboy” music video to suddenly appear.
Robert Walker
Robert Walker преди 2 дни
Eddie would look good in a " spicy " tee shirt
Harry Potter
Harry Potter преди 2 дни
Cause he’s a space cowboy 🎵
Edward Hinton
Edward Hinton преди 2 дни
Is there a happier chap than Colin Bryce?
Mark Davis
Mark Davis преди 3 дни
Man you could make a show sending eddie to hotels such as the Ritz ordering Wispa Golds this is PPV TV
Ale K
Ale K преди 3 дни
Heres prety random queston but what clothes do you use from BooHooMAN?
reece piechowicz
reece piechowicz преди 3 дни
Eddie looks homeless
SND преди 3 дни
Is your boxing match cancelled?
Yoda'sMomIsOnDrugs преди 3 дни
I am six miles from were they held WSM in June here in Sacramento. AND I MISSED IT!
Jonathan Legg
Jonathan Legg преди 3 дни
Thx Eddie and team, after a really crap day you have cheered me up no end. Please never underestimate how your hard work(and taking the proverbial out of the waiter)helps.
Ryan Moore
Ryan Moore преди 3 дни
Hey,Thor can have his chance to get the record the right way...c'mon do it on the big stage Thor
Battle Pope
Battle Pope преди 3 дни
Cool to see you shooting the shit with whoever that guy is, introduce us next time!
Erik Andersen
Erik Andersen преди 3 дни
Bro you look like Hagrid in the thumbnail.
S M преди 3 дни
Zachary Kettley
Zachary Kettley преди 3 дни
This is the eddie I like best 😂
børge børgsen
børge børgsen преди 3 дни
The Royal Eddie Hall
MegaErnieMAN преди 3 дни
I would like to see a boxing match just for fun with Eddie and the waiter
Johnathan Simonson
Johnathan Simonson преди 3 дни
Please tell me the accent was put on just for this episode 😂
Ninno Marrocchi
Ninno Marrocchi преди 3 дни
Great video! Really excited for Giants Live this Saturday. This is an older video isn't it. That's why it has the older intro. And Eddie looks chubbier in this one; he hasn't looked like this ever since he started training to take on Thor. Also, no one's wearing any masks or social distancing. So yeah, older video.
UniT X
UniT X преди 3 дни
Common crew!...someone could tell him his Tie was off @2:45 ....its on the side! Respecting the Beast is one thing, but thats just harsh :D
Chippy Tits
Chippy Tits преди 3 дни
I for one hate the royal family. I wouldnt lose sleep if everyone of them died in a car crash
Marty Nova
Marty Nova преди 3 дни
Proper down to earth, cant take the working class council estate lad out of big lad !! GO ON EDDIE !! Thors getting smashed rule Brittania !!
Chris Cheese Brown
Chris Cheese Brown преди 3 дни
Gaaaarlic bread 😂 leg day with Peter Kay and Paddy coming right up
Emperor Ehryn
Emperor Ehryn преди 3 дни
this is historic!
nick cook
nick cook преди 3 дни
No mayo 🤦
will palmer
will palmer преди 3 дни
Eddie do a day in the life of working a normal job. Ie office worker ! You in a suit is class 😂
Julio Cesar
Julio Cesar преди 3 дни
Why did you slammed Nick Best on your intro?
B Bag
B Bag преди 3 дни
My wife thinks I've gone mad , just walking around the house laughing randomly all day over this intro.
Daniel Rivero
Daniel Rivero преди 3 дни
Eddie if you're going to fight against Thor I suggest that you get in better shape.. otherwise Thor is going to mop the floor with you
james daley
james daley преди 3 дни
that is one giant place , wow.
RDW преди 3 дни
Doesn't look like eddie is taking the fight as seriously as thor is
Jonathan Legg
Jonathan Legg преди 3 дни
This is old footage pre Covid by the looks of things brought out now the show is back on...Eddie is taking the fight V seriously, hes dropped weight since this video and it looks like hes the fittest hes ever been. Cant wait, what a battle it will be.
CopleyTres преди 3 дни
God bless the 51st state Great Britain and her majesty the queen
Juan van der Merwe
Juan van der Merwe преди 3 дни
After the fight with the mountain (which I believe Eddie will Dominate). I hope we see Eddie vs. Brock Lesnar in the octagon a fight for the ages.
libbad преди 3 дни
Eddie looks slightly ridiculous in a suit lol walking about like a comic book hero🤣🤣
Fat Devons Camo Pants
Fat Devons Camo Pants преди 3 дни
12:52 - Larry Wheels?
Fat Devons Camo Pants
Fat Devons Camo Pants преди 4 дни
Eddie WORLD RECORD deadlift holder!!! Not Halfballs!
Joseph Kassouf
Joseph Kassouf преди 4 дни
Eddy - you need to listen to this. A legend in our gym weighs 82kg and he is 70 years old did a single 260kg deadlift pull and made it look so easy, I think he could be the world strongest man for his age category, any chance to get him on a show and a bit of recognition?
dl6288 преди 4 дни
Eddie Hall: just an idea in prep for your fight against Thor I know the suggestion most likely be ignored why not try a practice match against a big guy like The gypsy King Tyson Fury Taller and better reach could learn alot.
jayden latta
jayden latta преди 4 дни
Eddie looks like a lawer and bodyguard at the same time haha Smart enough to put you behind bars and also punch your lights out while doing it hahaha
DancingRook преди 4 дни
Didn't know you had a royal brother called Albert Hall lol
Andrew преди 4 дни
11:33 pause at 11:34, this is eddies super excited face
Chong Kwee Yan
Chong Kwee Yan преди 4 дни
Eddie doesn't seem focus on his boxing match. I thought it was coming soon. He seemed to have relaxed and taper off his efforts
dahuterschuter преди 4 дни
Eddie in a suit and tie looks surreal.
Eric Gerber
Eric Gerber преди 4 дни
Chris Farley going to live in a van down by the river.
Paweł Łysakowski
Paweł Łysakowski преди 4 дни
great guy actinng like shit
Alexis Valderrama
Alexis Valderrama преди 4 дни
10:31 Hathor is the world record baby
Branden Moss
Branden Moss преди 4 дни
Eddie,will you tell Hannah I think she is beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Branden Moss
Branden Moss преди 4 дни
Lookin great Eddie... hannah you are beautiful ❤️❤️❤️
Simmie sim
Simmie sim преди 4 дни
What a muppet
Danny Devito
Danny Devito преди 4 дни
I cant wait until the day i hear eddie hall greet someone with "pip pip cheerio, whats all the kerfuffle going in here. Its a nice day, innit so be absolutely cheery and go on about your day and not all this rubbish your speaking about"
chris D
chris D преди 4 дни
Eddie has become the new ButterBean.
Gian-Luc Brasseur
Gian-Luc Brasseur преди 4 дни
Looks like he has been gaining weight tbh
CKHall Adventures
CKHall Adventures преди 4 дни
Back to the old school intro cuz...Nice!!!!!
Brock Meade
Brock Meade преди 4 дни
Bet you weren’t ready for that
The_Mighty_Giant преди 4 дни
Just wondering if you've ever met The royal Albert Hall and is he a relation? 😂😂😂
Harendra Pratap Singh
Harendra Pratap Singh преди 4 дни
Hey Eddie, when you win the fight with Thor, please take me to the Albert hall with you!! 😂😆😆
Harendra Pratap Singh
Harendra Pratap Singh преди 4 дни
Hey Eddie, when you win the fight with Thor, please take me to the Albert hall with you!! 😂😆😆
Steve Arthur
Steve Arthur преди 4 дни
So no covid in the UK?
sam samir
sam samir преди 4 дни
" do you have a fridge ? ok i take that " LOL
Brown farms
Brown farms преди 4 дни
Eddie is possibly the only person in existence that needs an American large serving size
David Monk
David Monk преди 4 дни
You're such an annoying bastard. I fucking love it :D:D:D:D
Spectere 1
Spectere 1 преди 4 дни
wait was that the space cowboy
Louis Hoey
Louis Hoey преди 4 дни
aaah the old intro 😁. u asking the waiter for everthing not on the menu 🤣.
Mr Fishboy
Mr Fishboy преди 4 дни
Never have I seen a man so snug in a Suit 😂
Mark de Mello
Mark de Mello преди 4 дни
Reminds me of Mr Incredible at work! 💪💼💪
JRR31984 преди 4 дни
5:57. BOOM.
JRR31984 преди 4 дни
3:31. Dude seriously looks like he's floating, while looking at THAT food. BEAST.
JRR31984 преди 4 дни
1:35. Yeah, I think it was good that he said it didn't look like you in the tie (but it was a hot idea). They gotta try again, because it was almost THERE.
Morgan O
Morgan O преди 4 дни
The way you take the piss out of all the posh things was totally worth me subscribing to your channel.
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