Worlds Strongest Man 2021 | Behind Scenes Day 2

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Eddie 'The Beast' Hall

KaptenBear 13
KaptenBear 13 преди 17 дни
Hahahaha Terry and Z just sitting there like "The fuck.."
Lego Yoda
Lego Yoda преди 18 дни
8:23 I think Eddie misunderstood the question lmao
King Kneip
King Kneip преди 19 дни
Id watch 40 minutes of eddie hall swimming
John Doe
John Doe преди 20 дни
Big Z lol 4:09
Soapy van shoey
Soapy van shoey преди 25 дни
Besides the sun why do they have these WSM comps in these countries that have nearly zero punters watching there is no atmosphere.
Nathan O'Keefe
Nathan O'Keefe преди 27 дни
These guys are those friends you wouldn't know that they're friends unless you were in the loop 😂
symbolresolution преди 27 дни
There is actual animosity here. Why? Also why does strongman restrict all its content? Great way to kill a sport
Kyle S
Kyle S преди 27 дни
Better coverage and content than the actual TV coverage. C5 should do a BGpost side programme
Noctis Caelum
Noctis Caelum преди 28 дни
Draco85 преди 29 дни
One of these days Brian is gna flip yano haha..
Dan McConnell
Dan McConnell преди месец
Literally spit out my drink when you said "he's got the disco tits out" haha
Jack Lavender
Jack Lavender преди месец
Eddie halls only fans 😂
Cordelia Blakeslee
Cordelia Blakeslee преди месец
This time I will use Weedborn CBD products to heal myself.
Joe Lombardi
Joe Lombardi преди месец
if ive said it once ive said 10000000 times. there needs to be a reality tv show with you two
LAMBY преди месец
Oh man you and Brian crack me up. It's really good to see how such really great friends and the brotherly bond you two have. Just brilliant..
Michael Wright
Michael Wright преди месец
when is this on tv ?
Gingerbread преди месец
Awesome 😎
Ben Barnes
Ben Barnes преди месец
Eddie & Brian is just the best thing in the world right now, someone give them a TV show together.
RoisinT2 преди месец
Imagine the size of a human who can snuggle a bear hug like for a kid, to Eddie.. to a fking giant 6'3 163kg man.. omg he is HUGE! Brian is :D
sirius black7
sirius black7 преди месец
So fummy how I perceive eddie has a short stocky guy since hes always around shaw but in reality hes 6,3 400lb
ZeidGho преди месец
If Eddie didn't show, I guarantee Brian would've won this year 😂😂😂
CoryJT преди месец
Tom the winner 🇬🇧🏆
Kalil Santos Oliveira
Kalil Santos Oliveira преди месец
azelliots преди месец
A could watch u and brian all day 😅😅
MrJtin69 преди месец
Big z looking food
Holiday Review
Holiday Review преди месец
Stay there as long as you can Eddie, it's a cold grey day here in Seabridge
Guy Chapman
Guy Chapman преди месец
So good seeing Brian’s and Eddie’s videos 😂 It’s like seeing a film where you get a glimpse of the same events/timeline from different perspectives. Great work, and so nice to see you guys reunited and the camaraderie and banter between you both. Great behind the scenes content too! Amazing to see this and get a glimpse of what’s happening 💪
Simmie sim
Simmie sim преди месец
Big z sitting there while the child hall saying shut up Brian shut up .....big z thinking I’ll shut you up hall you clown 😂😂😂😂😂
Abeer Ralhan
Abeer Ralhan преди месец
There should be a Netflix show with both Eddie and Brian.
Krzysztof Zukowski
Krzysztof Zukowski преди месец
Not gonna lie, you and Brian are single handedly propelling the wsm competition to the spotlight.
Jenkins Leroy
Jenkins Leroy преди месец
If Eddie were gay he'd go for Bryan..... Somewhere Rob K., is crying in jealousy
SALCOMBE63 преди месец
Justin Case
Justin Case преди месец
Just bouncing back and forth from Eddie to Brian shaw grade a content 👌
Jesus jiu-jitsu
Jesus jiu-jitsu преди месец
You guys are the best together xD
Vitalis Otene
Vitalis Otene преди месец
eddie nickname should be strongman eddie the fainting cinderella, because anytime he performed his greatest feets, he always fainted
Simmie sim
Simmie sim преди месец
Exzactly 500 lift had to go to a dark place then almost croaks ,,,, Thor 501 Rios it off the floor then celebrates not even out of breath with plenty more in the tank
YouTube Connolly family
YouTube Connolly family преди месец
I wonder what Brian was thinking when he left all the trash in front of your door. Did he not think that you would get him back even worse? I love it when you guys are together
J Logan
J Logan преди месец
Eddie loves Brian so much he had a snuggle doll made of him and now he gets real Brian snuggles.
Joseph Anderson
Joseph Anderson преди месец
Eddie once said that you have to be a narcissists to grow your confidence enough to be worlds strongest man! Eddie doesn't ever take himself seriously, so I doubt he was ever a narcissist! He won WSM 17' without all that!
Kseniiasolo #1788
Kseniiasolo #1788 преди месец
Either way I think Eddie and Brian need to have summer homes next to each other in which they and family are filmed doing things together.. and have special guests come visit. I think it would be hilarious. Or do another season of History of Strong Man which was nice to watch too. These guys are not only WSM but the personalities are larger than life too.
Steven Kilgariff
Steven Kilgariff преди месец
Bryan just wins an event bumps into Edwardo and now all he can think is .A .does Eddie fancy me and B .what would our kids look like 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Attitude Kings
Attitude Kings преди месец
Rip legend😭😭😭
Jamie преди месец
Genuinely don't think Brian likes you he's just being nice 😂
E преди месец
Definitely agree. Lmao you just have to observe Brians body language and the face he makes.
S C преди месец
They are really good friends, is this your first video of them together 🤦‍♂️
Ken Fontes
Ken Fontes преди месец
I Like Eddie.
Nicholas преди месец
I’m not even sure they’re friends to be honest lol. Just a general strong mans respect
N B преди месец
Did they have diesel trains in 18th Century Eddie ? 😂😂😂
The one magical single golden nut
The one magical single golden nut преди месец
Justin England
Justin England преди месец
To be fair Eddie is acting really childish to Brain for what reason?
Justin England
Justin England преди месец
@Simmie sim I do not think anyone could disagree to be fair watching these videos.
Simmie sim
Simmie sim преди месец
Because hall is a child and soooo annoying
Robert Dieder
Robert Dieder преди месец
Nice spicy shirt Big Loz!
Jordan Legard
Jordan Legard преди месец
Love Eddie and Brian’s banter
Franco Isagani IV Nube
Franco Isagani IV Nube преди месец
"if I was gay, Brian..."
Andy Boskovski Armwrestling
Andy Boskovski Armwrestling преди месец
I hope you follow through and transition into arm wrestling next Eddie!
Gunkfunkulous Munktrunkulous v.2
Gunkfunkulous Munktrunkulous v.2 преди месец
Eddie is outstanding wifey material
Yesterdie Gazza
Yesterdie Gazza преди месец
Big love the Beast! thank you for the updates
Alexander Cheong
Alexander Cheong преди месец
The winner of best hugs in 2021 goes to......BRIAN AND EDDIE! ❤️😂
Paintball Mayn
Paintball Mayn преди месец
lemmy999 преди месец
James Richardsons face as Brian and Eddie discuss Brians job for next year!! He doesn't know what to do and wisely stays out the way!!!
Tim Larson
Tim Larson преди месец
The chin! BOOM !!!!! 💪💪💪
realeques преди месец
eddies such a troll , butnoone can troll him back coz he is so strong lmao
Laura Life
Laura Life преди месец
Dude your intro is so fucking loud it's ridiculous lol
Victor Pineda
Victor Pineda преди месец
Eddie and Brian need a morning talk show together haha
Brown Bagga
Brown Bagga преди месец
Seeing both Eddie and Brian’s POV from the same situation is hilarious.
Clint Pmk
Clint Pmk преди месец
Eddie that doors opens in?
Benjamin Ericksen
Benjamin Ericksen преди месец
Eddie annoying Brian is the funniest thing 😂😂😂 I love how patient he is with Eddie. Love how he reacts to Eddie, like he doesn't even care 🤣
Powerlifterusa преди месец
Watching Brian’s video and then Eddie’s is trippy
Gary Barrel
Gary Barrel преди месец
Novikov out and won 2 events lol
Jesus Dude Bama Dude
Jesus Dude Bama Dude преди месец
Is there anywhere on BGpost that we can watch the 2021 WSM Comp?
Jesus Dude Bama Dude
Jesus Dude Bama Dude преди месец
@Simmie sim thx
Simmie sim
Simmie sim преди месец
No chance buddy just clips on Matt Rhodes sports ,worlds strongest fan and some sneaky one on the guys channels
Stuart Mackay
Stuart Mackay преди месец
At 350lb you fit in well with most of those competing and there trading full on for this, are standard's slipping I wonder.....
Stuart Mackay
Stuart Mackay преди месец
@Simmie sim at top level, I agree, but I wouldn't bet against a placement of 5-7th....
Simmie sim
Simmie sim преди месец
He wouldn’t be able to compete now
Dejv Brustik
Dejv Brustik преди месец
I missed this so much :D please guys move next door to each other :D
shahin PR
shahin PR преди месец
57 Priest
57 Priest преди месец
Would love to see Eddie on the JRE podcast. Maybe before the fight.
Yaman Mustafa
Yaman Mustafa преди месец
18th century diesel train? Thought the first diesel trains were at the turn of the 20th century. Didn't know they had diesel locomotives in the 1700's!
Shroom преди месец
Lmao that thumbnail!
Jonty Stegmann
Jonty Stegmann преди месец
5% strongman content 95% bullying Brian 🤣🤣🤣🤣 love that
GSMachinist преди месец
In defence of Brian's liquid lard shirt according to friends who live in Sac it's been 105-108º F (40-42º C) there the last few days so I'd be more worried if he wasn't sweating....
Spence B
Spence B преди месец
Anyone else notice how massive Brian’s camera man must be to look somewhat normal sized next to him?
Red Top
Red Top преди месец
seeing Brian and Eddie together is literally the highlight of the year
Chris Mcreynolds
Chris Mcreynolds преди месец
Still think Eddie has dyed his beard for this
Yannik Wilde
Yannik Wilde преди месец
4:10 the goat Big Z just smiling over the two 400lbs childs😂😂
Ramon K
Ramon K преди месец
I love how Eddie and Brians "WSM behind the scenes" videos are just about how they anoy each other
Dost M
Dost M преди месец
Your great man bro
jelogz sampan
jelogz sampan преди месец
Nice to see this 2 giants together again in this Channel. Godbless you two.
German Garcia
German Garcia преди месец
Eddie I live in Sacramento. Would you mind if I get picture with you ?
bobbi.brewtality преди месец
Absolutely rooting for the Stoltmans!! Brian deserves some sort of special award for dealing with your special attention lmao
chuck bass
chuck bass преди месец
*Brian* talking to Maxime Eddie: BRIAN! Shut up. Brian: 😭
Simmie sim
Simmie sim преди месец
Rude little child ..... didn’t see anyone else there laughing although big z had that look in his eyes I’ll snap you hall
Odymeister преди месец
Eddie telling Brian to stfu and Big Z's just casually sitting there
Joy Maxfield
Joy Maxfield преди месец
Thank you for sharing .👍👍
Crognjo Harding
Crognjo Harding преди месец
Get a room you pair 😆 the perfect bromance your both so lucky to have this connection with each other
SuperUltraSugarShit преди месец
I'm gunna laugh so hard when Eddie loses the boxing match 🤣🤣 not long now until the whole world sees how bad he actually is.
Simmie sim
Simmie sim преди месец
Best comment on the thread 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Sorab Rana
Sorab Rana преди месец
brian is breast feeding eddie🤣🤣🤣
Falkite преди месец
never seen eddie with sunglasses on
Chris Wilson
Chris Wilson преди месец
Eddie!!! Fuck man, you’re like a 350lbs kid lmao watching you and Brian messing with each other is amazing man 😂
SilverBack Mobile Gaming and Sports
SilverBack Mobile Gaming and Sports преди месец
Eddie should have a channel exclusive only for pranking...
Simmie sim
Simmie sim преди месец
He’s not even funny
Ben Scott
Ben Scott преди месец
Ervin Toots is not from the USA - he's Estonian!
Jordan R
Jordan R преди месец
Eddie such a lovable scamp. I need to find a bromance as strong as Eddie and Brian have.
Franz #61 XXL
Franz #61 XXL преди месец
YOUR`E DONE BRIAN, REALLY, NO, YOUR`E DONE, try to get out of your room.... LMA... LOL
Abhishek Badola
Abhishek Badola преди месец
My man brian is going for his fifth title, it's very special moment in his life, instead of motivating him, eddie is saying you are going to clean my shoes that's what you are good for. Lord bless him with brains. I used to like eddie a lot, but now I am very disappointed.
Abhishek Badola
Abhishek Badola преди месец
@Jordan R I hope you are right, but training is different thing and the mindset you are in actual competition day is different, the things eddie is saying to Brian is going to effect in his performance, because he is going to think about it, I mean a lot. And I hope eddie is motivating Brian and I hope he will not push away another best friend and a well wisher.
Jordan R
Jordan R преди месец
Eddie knows how to motivate him when it’s time to go to work. Watch some of their training vids. He is keeping Brian destressed and happy. That goes a long way toward recovery and performance trust me.
Spicy Spice
Spicy Spice преди месец
Zach Galakanakis: “We are the two best friends that anyone could have”
Aniket Sharma
Aniket Sharma преди месец
BigZ is like wtf is going on 😂😂
Lalit Rathod
Lalit Rathod преди месец
Eddie should have been playing the character of mr. Loki (notorious king)
bill withers
bill withers преди месец
Eddie's channel intro >:{ Eddie :D
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