Can I hit Harder than Francis Ngannou? | Punching Power Test

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Eddie 'The Beast' Hall

Shivi Barlev
Shivi Barlev преди 29 дни
Eddie punches 113999. Thor: I punched 114000 at home
Mike Foster
Mike Foster преди 2 дни
Truth. I still can't stand the fact that they are calling thor's lift a record. Eddie's lift was done in a competition setting, not at his house
Sverre Hope
Sverre Hope преди 4 дни
Eddie is so salty. We all know Thor was stronger than Eddie at their best
Shakeel Rahman
Shakeel Rahman преди 5 дни
Dr_Chad ThunderCock The 3rd
Dr_Chad ThunderCock The 3rd преди 6 дни
@Paul K-R reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Metalhead636 преди 12 дни
Lol... that's hilarious! He would say that too, I bet : )
Is преди 5 часа
If he was hydrated it would've been easy
Dennis B
Dennis B преди 11 часа
The boxes I know that have been tested. Did it on The laboratory conditions. Frank Bruno at King's college. Ricky hatton at Manchester University. It wasn't done in a boxing gym using a fairground ball.
Dennis B
Dennis B преди 11 часа
A 1985 study of Frank Bruno, at King's college showed he could punch with a force of 920 pounds in the lab. Researchers extrapolated that to a real-life blow of 1,420 pounds, enough to accelerate his opponent's head at a rate of 53 g -- that is, 53 times the force of gravity. Bruno should have remained unbeaten with that kind of power. The problem was the other person kept moving.
Thomas Marano
Thomas Marano преди 14 часа
Wonder what AJ can smash that
damir kruselj
damir kruselj преди 17 часа
Hahaha francis is god
Mason Leeth
Mason Leeth преди 21 час
Eddie was running into it. Francis threw a standing in place right hook.
Different power. And huge weight difference
Andrew Law
Andrew Law преди ден
Eddie is so slow its not that relevant in a real fight how much power you have
Key Holer
Key Holer преди ден
Mans doesnt understand the factor that speed plays in power. Imagine if he planted his heels, pivoted that weight and strength into a tight 4ft maybe 4.5ft over hand right and exploded as quick as he could. Thats where massive lbs per sq inch come into play.
Awake Now
Awake Now преди ден
Francis did hip rotation but not Eddie so maybe he can beat Francis if best punching way
Stylöx Stylox
Stylöx Stylox преди ден
For y'all people from israel / whoever speaks hebrew, I bet u never noticed that at the begining of the intro the guys says ''Ata dafuk ahi'' xD
Mike Raung
Mike Raung преди ден
Why he let his pinch slip downward
Sean Cohen
Sean Cohen преди ден
458 joules= 337 ft lbs. A standard 9mm bullet hits with this same energy. But this is like if you took that speeding bullet and made it fist sized... What an animal.
Jimmy St-Jean
Jimmy St-Jean преди ден
Damn, a punch from Eddie must feel like getting hit by a truck loll
DEEBO415 преди ден
Beauty in diffrent shapes Art channel
Beauty in diffrent shapes Art channel преди ден
Fact: lots of brute force and power..but punches like a ...I mean no disrespect....stick to what u do best....its ...
Pro-Facts Anti-BS
Pro-Facts Anti-BS преди ден
No he can't - his technique is shit. A 160 pounder hits harder, maybe even welterweight.
Hugo Artemis
Hugo Artemis преди ден
Where is this guy getting his facts Francis is 6'4 and his reach is 83 inches. Definitely far above his knees
4inksempire преди 2 дни
Life hits with 200.000
DPR преди 2 дни
2:05 'That was a leg kick' As opposed to a hand kick
Stephen преди 2 дни
As they say, the top boxers dont do this so you have to take that in to context. Although this test has been around a while, its not used and therefore its a little iffy to say someone has the hardest punch based off of this test.
Marios Kadas
Marios Kadas преди 2 дни
Not Relevant
Not Relevant преди 2 дни
No hip turn, playin catch in the back yard.
Jodee Weaver
Jodee Weaver преди 2 дни
Can u beat Ivan Dragos hit record
J L преди 2 дни
Mike Perry hit 119,000 standing on the spot and he weighs around 190 lb.
Baran Genç
Baran Genç преди 2 дни
How tall is Patrick mate he looks huge
George Bionic Dishwasher
George Bionic Dishwasher преди 2 дни
Ngannou got that plantation power, you aint hittin harder than that.
Truman преди 2 дни
If he would throw a proper punch from his waist and turn instead of lunge, mate would smash the record!
steve cain
steve cain преди 3 дни
i have a grandson who watches you all the time and saw you become world strongest man on the tv
iLove Entertainment
iLove Entertainment преди 3 дни
Francis is 6’4”
Shellkrakker преди 3 дни
Velocity plays more of a role than most know so if Eddie had a faster punch then it would be the record by a long shot
Max Mustermann
Max Mustermann преди 3 дни
Ivan Drago wins.
ikran shah
ikran shah преди 3 дни
i never seen a fat man with abs i swear lol
So Lo
So Lo преди 3 дни
6'4 I guess
Genius Marc Says
Genius Marc Says преди 3 дни
why wear gloves? and second, who the fuck punches like that? hand swing!!! that's not how you punch, i can give you 150000 and i am 68 kg body weight
Vanguard преди 3 дни
Matt Osnap
Matt Osnap преди 3 дни
He's throwing that fist like he is throwing a fastball
Apex -_-
Apex -_- преди 3 дни
Ay I’m no boxer but I feel like if Eddie hit the cube square on instead of that swiping motion he was doing he may have gotten a better score
Brad Chambers
Brad Chambers преди 3 дни
@4:38 Does he say 15k for an average Joe?
How dare you!
How dare you! преди 3 дни
U need to stop lifting your back foot up cuz a lot of the penitrative power comes from your rear leg
Lew Scagnetti
Lew Scagnetti преди 3 дни
My Vote goes to Mike Tyson for the strongest punch !
Župaan преди 3 дни
Cro Cop would beat you whit one punch😂
John Garst
John Garst преди 4 дни
A change in your form would help you, get your hips and shoulders working together in a more fluid motion and let your fist be an outlet for your power instead supplying it.
Alexander Ackermans
Alexander Ackermans преди 4 дни
What's in the needle of that mrna jab? Why are people after the jab magnetic? What is Elon Musk doing with 90000+ satellites around the planet? Free Wi-Fi? Please don't make jokes. Why SUNDENLY a rush with 5G? And camera's? Our minister said: 5G is not for the fun but for cloud controls. Look it up in the Dutch news. In Dutch: 5G NIET voor de leuk maar voor croud control. Movie and look it up please. She is from the FAKE Dutch govnerment!
Adam Wise
Adam Wise преди 4 дни
I would like to see Mark Hunt give a go
REDJOKER _4444 преди 4 дни
Well you got to understand that you are POWERFUL than an average fighter you got both fighting skill and power so what do you expect. This is just feeding your ego at this point which isn't bad bit just don't get lost in your mind. Mind over body.
v nitrxz
v nitrxz преди 4 дни
If he planted his feet an followed through with his hook he could easily brake the record I think
Zack McCarley
Zack McCarley преди 4 дни
Consideration for getting 10-15% more- The two variables are force and penetration on target, Francis seems to have used MMA gloves and here Eddie has used boxing glove that has a larger surface area and thereby is not penetrating the target to the same degree. Perhaps something to consider if you get to retest this at any point. Bring MMA gloves, lighter weight for a faster, more high pressure punch of the sensor, could be the difference. Just my 2 cents. From one world champ to another ;-P
ed rhodes
ed rhodes преди 4 дни
Imagine if Francis got that many chances lol
pghgeo816 преди 4 дни
huge power but who in couldnt duck this shot with the 3 second wide up and telegraph
Jacob Lewis
Jacob Lewis преди 4 дни
Use mma gloves on Eddie youl probably hit even or more than frances frances used mma gloves
Sverre Hope
Sverre Hope преди 4 дни
I mean you could never throw that punch in a fight so what’s the point?
Foxxy преди 4 дни
Now we just need eddie hall to box bryce hall
The world of cloris whistle
The world of cloris whistle преди 4 дни
Now ten I could 487
The world of cloris whistle
The world of cloris whistle преди 4 дни
I am nine so I can punch 325
Yes преди 5 дни
Jesus, even the thumbnail showcases terrible form. Swing for the hills eddy and pray you hit something bc if you don’t, Thor is going to knock your ass out!
Luke Speirs
Luke Speirs преди 5 дни
What is that form 😂 could’ve beat it if hadn’t used garbage form
criticalcrypt преди 5 дни
4:50 your welcome
Ben B
Ben B преди 5 дни
If you punch thor that hard his ancestors will weep
Linus Pog Tips
Linus Pog Tips преди 5 дни
If Eddie hall punches the camera the camera man would break his chest
frzzn преди 5 дни
He literally throw his hand
Andy H
Andy H преди 5 дни
Francais hit it once or twice.
DaveTheRave преди 5 дни
A bit more hydration and I think you could double it
magfam971 преди 5 дни
All I want to know is what ever team he is fighting for I want to be on. Would want clobbering time from the beast him self.
Karl Toth
Karl Toth преди 5 дни
I want to see a drop step with that 325lb body weight behind it.
Best Knockouts
Best Knockouts преди 5 дни
Paul Emil Levasseur
Paul Emil Levasseur преди 5 дни
Vegeta just broke the machine.
turbotony E-4
turbotony E-4 преди 5 дни
How can you not love this man… he is so big yet extremely humble, funny as hell but gets right down to business in the drop of a hat. One of the greatest men on the planet. The world needs more people like you sir… 👊🏼
Vman600 преди 5 дни
EDDIE I HAVE A CHALLENGE FOR YOU how about you get exactly one power
JTheTallBoi преди 5 дни
1. Francis did 122 on an off-balance uppercut, and people's like "he hits SO much harder". No, he did 129 on an overhand right, so it wasn't that much different. 2. Francis used smaller UFC finger gloves which don't have as much give and are tighter than boxing gloves (don't think so? get hit with each of them and tell me which rocks you quicker). 3. Francis is lighter and in better fighting shape. Eddie is BIG, but not at his functional peak. I think 50kg lighter would be a big improvement still. Not saying he would for certain have more power, but there's a good chance he could bc bigger Eddie wouldn't punch as hard as this weight Eddie. 4. Eddie got a bigger run-up, it's untelling how much extra Francis could get with a run-up or if he'd even get anything higher (surely he would). But with the extra weight cut better form. Eddie's not rotating with full mechanical force and his form needs to be sharpened up a bit (no doubt as he keeps training he'll punch harder and harder).
Lerone Yogev
Lerone Yogev преди 5 дни
Im not the king expert but your torque coming from the core was lacking. Thats the speed of a punch. Your force was like a semi going 15 mph. Francis was a car going 115mph. Speed 4xs power. I want you to mop thor. Work on that rotational speed. -source 14 years of striking and some odd years of teaching
Siosifa преди 5 дни
I swear, if he swung with better footing and focused power, he'd surpass it.
Delaneyyy преди 6 дни
Absolute shit house boxer but I’d like too see wilder put one on it😂
Hands down to his knees 🤔what u tryna say Eddie
Robert Anello
Robert Anello преди 6 дни
imagine mike tyson in his prime 1988 spinks fight!!!
Robert Anello
Robert Anello преди 6 дни
great power beast very impressive i want to try it.
VOS MEDIA LTD. преди 6 дни
If he kept his back foot planted more and used his core he would hit harder
Ray Adnyana
Ray Adnyana преди 6 дни
Can anyone explain how eddie SHOULD be muuuuch stronger than Francis, but he’s only close to his strength?
Harald Fredriksen Harmens
Harald Fredriksen Harmens преди 4 дни
The power of a punch comes mostly from technique and speed. Francis simply has better technique, and is able to make his fist travel at a higer speed is my guess.
Dr Squishybelly
Dr Squishybelly преди 6 дни
When will Eddie fight an opponent who is bolted to the ground with a running start
Stealth Ven
Stealth Ven преди 6 дни
eddie hall is hitting that (poor) powerkube with just under the force of a 9mm pistol bullet!!!
Jake Kunz
Jake Kunz преди 6 дни
I feel like this box is only so accurate because you see two hits that look exactly the same and there’s a 20000 unit difference
susan T
susan T преди 7 дни
not bad for shit technique. give one of those wwe guys a go
Google Are racist trash
Google Are racist trash преди 7 дни
Boxing gloves are heavier guys lol, if he properly threw a punch and wore ufc gloves he would have the record
Tee- Boppin_Em814
Tee- Boppin_Em814 преди 7 дни
I PUNCHED A 947!!!!
Benjamin Kuttner
Benjamin Kuttner преди 7 дни
Was Francis using MMA gloves or boxing gloves? Surely you get more power with MMA gloves?
Slasher Fitness
Slasher Fitness преди 7 дни
The punch of exploding heads...
StarjuuGaming преди 7 дни
I think Eddie could have hit harder, if he had used a different kind of punch. The overhead swing isn't bad, but Francis punch was clearly a more compact hook. With a hook, while the motion smaller, he uses more parts of his body. The overhead with the big run up uses Eddie's strength of his massive body and weight to deliver a lot of energy. But the advantage of the hook is that with proper technique you can utilize the strength of your legs as you push yourself off, and then use the rotational energy of knees, hips and shoulders to deliver more power. Eddie Hall has an amazing physique and i could imagine with more training and a hook instead of a overhand right he might be able to deliver more force than Francis. This obviously does not tranlate into the octagon but when it comes to just raw punching power i think be could maybe achieve it.
J T N преди 7 дни
Eddie, utilize your static strength more. Rotate the body with your stroke and follow through. Guarantee you can beat the record with proper technique
OfficialRetard Repairs
OfficialRetard Repairs преди 7 дни
Gotta have good form in the thumbnail cause he never has since
Sussy Baka
Sussy Baka преди 7 дни
Omg his power level is over 9,000 😏
Rc Guy
Rc Guy преди 7 дни
Real talk don’t even train anymore. Your going to slam Thor’s head off his shoulders bro....
Vitalis Otene
Vitalis Otene преди 7 дни
is time for eddie to test his kick
D C преди 7 дни
I like to see what the world champion heavyweight weightlifter could hit
john sun
john sun преди 7 дни
Power : FULL
SwaghettiYolognese преди 7 дни
Dark Souls bosses be like:
BigJohn Hansome
BigJohn Hansome преди 7 дни
If he can hit harder than I can in my dreams he better wake up.
Dan Radley
Dan Radley преди 8 дни
The thing about this is, yes he gets close to Francis ngannou, but Eddie is leaping into his punches throwing his whole body weight, francis wasn't doing this, he was basically standing on the spot, francis is the beast, not Eddie, I'm sorry lol
Keith Greenshields
Keith Greenshields преди 8 дни
Another record for Eddie to add to his record collection.
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