Worlds Strongest Man 2021 | Behind the scenes Day 3

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Eddie 'The Beast' Hall

horseliver преди 13 дни
What the intro song called?
paul eyres
paul eyres преди 15 дни
at the start did anyone notice the snail on his shoulder
Peter Thompson
Peter Thompson преди 17 дни
When is the fight with Thor?
william turner
william turner преди 21 ден
that snail had me hahahahah, that snail would smoke Brian in 100m, come on scotland
Danny Carbajal
Danny Carbajal преди 22 дни
Eddie hall ❤💪
OfGreaterMen преди 26 дни
I just realized oberst looks like a lord of the rings dwarf with an extreme case of gigantism
Peter Wilson
Peter Wilson преди 28 дни
Great coverage :) unique
tiny big
tiny big преди 28 дни
oberst is such a tool.
Noctis Caelum
Noctis Caelum преди 28 дни
Jeffro86AP преди 29 дни
Have you ever hosted Brian a your house 😂😂😂😂😂😂 that would be funny to watch
Jackson Rutledge
Jackson Rutledge преди месец
Brian the snail
Y M преди месец
Theirs alott of strong people in this world
Joshua McNabb
Joshua McNabb преди месец
All of these strongmen are outrageously large anyway so the fact that Obie’s head is so much larger than Eddie’s is insane 😂😂
Cold K.I.A
Cold K.I.A преди месец
Angry ukraniann
Suki Kat
Suki Kat преди месец
Looking forward to seeing Eddy take down the mountain
Byron Melgar
Byron Melgar преди месец
5:10 lol BIG HEAD, little tiny teeth.
Queezyp69 преди месец
Eddie: "they only time Brian is happy is when he wins an event, which isn't often" Brian: "oh ya? And how many event titles do you have in worlds strongest?" Eddie: "meh ones enuff" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 you guys are too funny
Reinoud Schuijers
Reinoud Schuijers преди месец
Sometimes I wish I could give a video 2 likes.
DJ London
DJ London преди месец
Eddie, I just want to say that your teeth are looking lovely. I really appreciate your oral hygiene. Go Eddie!
Thanosaurus Rex
Thanosaurus Rex преди месец
😂😂 Fuck i love Eddie!
Jack Lavender
Jack Lavender преди месец
Snail abuse😂😂
Tj Phelps
Tj Phelps преди месец
These videos are sooo wholesome and fun. Keep em coming. I truly enjoy this content.
rhinoman1984 преди месец
All jokes aside, Eddie makes a pretty good commentator.
Strange and trippy review
Strange and trippy review преди месец
Hey Eddie are you beast enough to watch me eat 13 cloves of garlic 🧄 in 4mins are you game just gave ya a sub sir
Antony Lollen
Antony Lollen преди месец
Oberst is useless. He will never win anything.
Akhror Muminov
Akhror Muminov преди месец
This friendship is insane. Love these two
Prime Matt
Prime Matt преди месец
The 'stone off' is a terrible idea, always has been. It's unfair, it's dangerous, and leads to lesser performances in the final. Get rid of this nonsense. The athletes should refuse.
LAMBY преди месец
😂😂😂😂😂😂 He no's you love him really .. hillarous..
Alfred Naify
Alfred Naify преди месец
Must of been great in Sacrament, Ca.. It was only a nice cool 110* in the
scolio1978 преди месец
great coverage
JessicaRose S
JessicaRose S преди месец
Omg I absolutely love Eddie!!!! Every time I watch him i laugh, he is so funny
Rafael White
Rafael White преди месец
Whoever threw that cup away, i got one advice for you: RUN
ThePawnslayer Chess Videos
ThePawnslayer Chess Videos преди месец
You are right Eddie, Brian Shaw does look like Brian the Snail from "The Magic Roundabout"
Hudinii Magician
Hudinii Magician преди месец
Can u tell me the name of the Intro Song?
Mike Hancho
Mike Hancho преди месец
Obbey is one funny dude!
Shane Coffey
Shane Coffey преди месец
love Brain Shaw he's the best ..........Eddie bahahw
Eric Winslow
Eric Winslow преди месец
Someone threw Brian away this is true comedy LMAO!!!!!
Eric Winslow
Eric Winslow преди месец
Eddie Hall is funny he should do standup. I know Brian doesn't like it but it is some of the funniest stuff on youtube.
ITZYAboiGAVIN 63826 преди месец
Strongmen are just really big children is what ive learned
Shaun Reed
Shaun Reed преди месец
Some great footage and info. Keep up the good work!!
Mark Davis
Mark Davis преди месец
Tom Stoltman done it So happy for him man Scotland raise the fucking roof! Eddie you predicted it at UK strong man a few years back
Art TV
Art TV преди месец
It really does not suit you to talk like this with Brian.
Cathal O Mealoid
Cathal O Mealoid преди месец
Love that Brian occasionally gets his own back. Nice to see Robert get a head if not ahead.
StrettyHS 313
StrettyHS 313 преди месец
3:20 best stewie impression ever!
Dr. Psycho
Dr. Psycho преди месец
Only Thor and his whole family have dislikt this video!
Reptile's Revenge
Reptile's Revenge преди месец
Eddie please if you are in America join up with Oberst and visit Matt on Demo Ranch, Strong and Pretty has been on the channel several times before and I remeber seeing how much fun you had at the gun range a little while back. I reakon you, Robert, and Matt would be a brilliant trifecta of you tube uploads using some of Matts pew pews (as we have to call them on you tube)
Nidiot преди месец
Lmao, when he said he brought Brian to the contest and moved the camera up, I thought he was pointing at the female crew member 😂
nathan meador
nathan meador преди месец
Omg lmfao! Brian! Such a snail
Mohamed Rizwan
Mohamed Rizwan преди месец
"The Fantastic Four" of the WSM is Eddie, Brian, Robert and Nick.. They are awesome gentle giants
Frank Madrid
Frank Madrid преди месец
Anyone ever notice that Eddie sounds like stewie from family guy
Immortally Insane
Immortally Insane преди месец
The WSM is nothing compared to the Oberst Classic
Immortally Insane
Immortally Insane преди месец
The WSM is nothing compared to the Oberst Classic
Deathknight 0118
Deathknight 0118 преди месец
I'm here with Brian. see him?
AIsingularityAI преди месец
I wince when eddie hits the pads, thats some nutty power.
Colette Simpson
Colette Simpson преди месец
What do you thibknon the win???
Colette Simpson
Colette Simpson преди месец
Oh Eddie you do realise you should be a comedian 🤣🤣🤣
James Vechpanich
James Vechpanich преди месец
How can Eddie rock raybans and they fit fine but when I do they look small af?!
-Hotg-Odin преди месец
Look at all the cops standing around at the one place no one would dare to fuck with anyone LOL. Tax dollars being used correctly I see
-Hotg-Odin преди месец
Eddie like my comment or ill come to Britain and kiss you right on the lips!
Kalil Santos Oliveira
Kalil Santos Oliveira преди месец
W Falzon
W Falzon преди месец
Oh Eddie, he should be competing.
shady 88
shady 88 преди месец
So is shaw in the finals
shady 88
shady 88 преди месец
Is anyone as lost as me on what he is explaining 😂
Jeremy Jarvis
Jeremy Jarvis преди месец
Brian is looking on form. Brian is alive! Luke is one of the top Strongman. Fuck those people well said lol.
Leonidas Spearhead
Leonidas Spearhead преди месец
Stay awesome Eddie
Andreas преди месец
Eddie, NEVER disregard your genetics. Whatever you say about Brian or Stoltman or Thor regarding a bit of a height advantage, YOU are a freak with the Hercules gene (looking at you as a teenager). People say you excel in static events, BUT you also challenge the tallest in dynamic ones.
Aloha Poppet
Aloha Poppet преди месец
Eddie your Done.
whisperswtly преди месец
Poor Aivars! Eddie, it’s pronounced EYE-VARS. 🤣🤣🤣 God, your behind the scenes are a riot!!
Travis Bray
Travis Bray преди месец
Head day lol
Ak Beats
Ak Beats преди месец
I fucking love the stoltmans and yes luke you beaut
Robert Davis
Robert Davis преди месец
Can you give me any information who threw brian away? There's a reward haha.
Jm 115
Jm 115 преди месец
plot twist: that snail was actually brian's true form, and only eddie is destined to protect him at all costs
Gregor Sommerville
Gregor Sommerville преди месец
Brian making Eddie looks small. Madness.
Noah Meucci
Noah Meucci преди месец
Oberst is definitely a got a tardigrade face.
jamesnm21 преди месец
Need a t shirt with a snail that says Brian
Sergio Armas
Sergio Armas преди месец
Hollywood needs to hire all the strong man guys to do a Viking movie! It would be amazing! Plus good pay for the athletes🇺🇸💪🏽👍🏽
Nick N
Nick N преди месец
What model are your Ray-Bans?
mettetal преди месец
Happy Father’s Day Eddie
Josh Opfermann
Josh Opfermann преди месец
5:08 "you guys don't have to cut out the head hole in your shirts?"
Jay b
Jay b преди месец
Loving these videos 👏👏👏👏
Adam Dunham
Adam Dunham преди месец
Eddie is definitely my favourite presenter of anything ever! 😎
Billi Babkus1
Billi Babkus1 преди месец
all support for Bryan and the Stolltman bro´s. Gods of power and good behaviour, and I am very happy adblock works perfectly around said commercials
Joy Maxfield
Joy Maxfield преди месец
Stay cool Eddie .🙏👍
Krupa G
Krupa G преди месец
😂😂😂 Here’s Brian 🐌😂😂😂 I lost my shit Edit: 😂😂😂🤮🤮😂😂😂 oh shit he said someone threw Brian 🐌 away? BRIAN... He’s alive 😂🤣🤣🤣.... God damnit that killed me.
kyle parnell
kyle parnell преди месец
damn it, i was working in old town this day. i knew i should have gone by and seen the beast
David B
David B преди месец
Holy Crap!!! Oberst's head is the size of a large pumpkin!!!
Lianne Walker
Lianne Walker преди месец
luke and tom are the best strong man!!!!! come on boys bring the gold and sliver home!!!!!!
reynolds296hr преди месец
Eddy is a Big Guy until he stands beside Brian lol. I'd be a tadpole even at 6,3.
Robert Dieder
Robert Dieder преди месец
How did i miss this yesterday? the snail killed me 🤣🤣🤣 Eddie should have also brought his Brian doll
Ale X
Ale X преди месец
I love how a good majority of the video is Eddie playing with a snail
Joe Turner
Joe Turner преди месец
"Looked a bit slow..." That burning sensation.
Bigbeardfitness преди месец
When are you fighting.. seems like you dodging the fight
Joe523 преди месец
Dude your friggin hilarious !!!!!!!!! Brian!!!!!!!(snail)
l8tapex преди месец
I wish Rob could get the best training.He is a natural but that only goes so far. Being best buds with Brian he should be able to work to be close to Shaw.
Dj none
Dj none преди месец
Brian started training with Eddie and Mr Shaw is going to OWN IT!!! GET SOME What a savage! 🇬🇧🇺🇸 Of course love how Eddie threw shade at Brian at the end on who he picked to win. Pretty sure Eddie himself put Brian in the trash just to share his personal opinion
Gingerbread преди месец
Brian! 👋 😁 😂🤣 hahahaha
A R преди месец
Ohh god snail brian 😂😂😂😂
mike Wazowski
mike Wazowski преди месец
Definitely guna be 1st Tom 2nd Brian 3rd Luke
Kelly Pitts
Kelly Pitts преди месец
Man. I hope Brian wins, but unless Tom has a breakdown or something I don’t see it happening. Seems like he lost it on the turn-table
Michael Galt
Michael Galt преди месец
Might have only been WSM 1x... but will forever be the World's Most Entertaining Strongman 😂😂 If bothering people was an Olympic event... Eddie would be a perennial gold medalist until his death.
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