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Chris Laforest
Chris Laforest преди 2 часа
Eddy looks like he has more power in his jab than Thor does in his straight. I think it’ll be a body shot that takes Thor out when the time comes. He’ll be so paranoid of getting knocked out by Eddy, he’ll get liver shot KOd
A K преди 2 часа
I love eddie but man.... keep your hands up! Every video hands down, sparring hands down. I boxed as an amateur as a young adult, you need incredible speed to keep your hands down like that, speed he absolutely does not possess. Slow punches like these sure, real punches will land hard.
A. I. L
A. I. L преди 2 часа
Every time one of these freak show fights comes around, people say "this guy's got a 700lb deadlift! He used to be a lion tamer! He's a chess grandmaster! He's fluent in biblical Hebrew!!!" And every time, we find out that even though being big and fast and clever might help a bit, ultimately the only thing which matters in a boxing match is being good at boxing
G Mac
G Mac преди 2 часа
Would love to do that, can you do James Blunt next? No need to film it.
MrTimmsy1986 преди 3 часа
It's funny to watch someone who can't box, box
razorblade5939 преди 3 часа
"what ever u do dont marry this women" 😂
David Sinnett
David Sinnett преди 3 часа
all i can think of now, watching them ski erg, looks like silver backs moshing
A.M. преди 4 часа
“Peter Fackin’ Andre!”
Kinan Atto
Kinan Atto преди 4 часа
I CAN TAKE YOU ON AT ANY GIVEN GOOD dream... 😅 with a mini gun,, and a tank, idk maybe a nuke but i CAN TAKE U.
Uno Honcho
Uno Honcho преди 4 часа
Eddie is great but it's laughable he can compete with the biggest punchers on the planet (see his punching power video) - that's the same as the hardest punchers thinking they could max a strongman event - Horses for courses, he's a 1st rate strongman but he's not in the same punching league as Ngannou, Joshua or even that clown Wilder
Gentrit Kastrati
Gentrit Kastrati преди 4 часа
Thats what i eat in a month
I3ORG HARVEY преди 5 часа
Good stuff.
Random Stuff
Random Stuff преди 5 часа
ross: swims eddie: *bobbing*
KingsCrown преди 6 часа
so when is the fight between bjorn and eddie?
d преди 6 часа
Devon could knock out Thor and Eddie 1v2
Mat Jakobs
Mat Jakobs преди 7 часа
Close to 2000000👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Sajid Iqbal
Sajid Iqbal преди 7 часа
Eddie can't punch he pushes ffs
Sajid Iqbal
Sajid Iqbal преди 7 часа
Jared Matute
Jared Matute преди 8 часа
LOLLL this girl does her lifts with the explosiveness of a cross-fitter. None of those deads counted cus they’re touch n go. While Eddie was doing complete stops.
Garp Frosty
Garp Frosty преди 8 часа
Lets see the numbers on that hit! Put it to the scale
Willie Wonka
Willie Wonka преди 8 часа
now punch a bit higer on the solar plexus with half that power.
Divine Wind
Divine Wind преди 9 часа
That's nothing- i swapped underwear with my wife..
Vltrykin Selezen
Vltrykin Selezen преди 9 часа
Now I need to know just how much Novikov can truly deadlift!
Ozama01j3 преди 9 часа
2 years later ……. 🤣😂
Cole Mcduff
Cole Mcduff преди 10 часа
he gonna separate the other arm, watch.
Euphorek преди 10 часа
I'm a bit late, but I'm curious. What was Eddie doing with his hands at the end there? Looked like either he was putting something on or peeling skin. Either way, looked painful as hell
Sanguinius Primarch
Sanguinius Primarch преди 11 часа
Eddie and Brian have always been my favorites not that I have anything against Thor. But it seems very obvious to me that he lost.
FatDave преди 11 часа
You need to get back soon so you can out thor in his place
Richard Adrian
Richard Adrian преди 11 часа
Eddie looks the same as when he started. Goofing.
brian maydwell
brian maydwell преди 12 часа
Eddie, with your current physique, do you think you could compete in a strong man competition at the same level as before?
The Savage One
The Savage One преди 12 часа
Eddie Will go in and spend 1year in the Chamber And it will be like a day in our world😂 *Eddie great I am gonna train here
VUCA TV преди 14 часа
He is finna gonna xplode one day! 😠😡🥵🤬💀💥
SLEEPY PIXEL преди 15 часа
Eddie is like the gigachad version of Soap Mactavish
Bill Bridge
Bill Bridge преди 15 часа
Ed you are such a good person you brighten everyone's day, keep it up big man!!
Adriel Torres
Adriel Torres преди 15 часа
Im pretty sure if I had that much weight smacking my knees I would fold like a pretzel.
Dan N
Dan N преди 16 часа
15:26 at the dinner he smacked the shit out of a glass
Panagiotis Liv
Panagiotis Liv преди 16 часа
Remember Eddie pulling 5 or 6 20kg plates plus a man on top of them in the seated rows, oh man, hi lost more than half his strength for 35kg bd weight loss, f depressing ☹️
rick thompson
rick thompson преди 16 часа
Halfathor should take it like a man and stop crying like a little bitch, he should apologize to Eddie and congratulate him. That's what an honest competitor and a real man would do.
Surge Álvarez
Surge Álvarez преди 16 часа
the salts always improve my motor skills
Ink Slinger2
Ink Slinger2 преди 16 часа
when is the big fight scheduled?
Lauren Valant
Lauren Valant преди 16 часа
Wow his arms in comparison with the rest of him lol good for him you can't see it when he's benching but you see it when he's arm wrestling
illmitchjax преди 17 часа
Andre 'boxed when he was younger' but doesn't know what a right handed stance is?...
Aaron Jackson
Aaron Jackson преди 17 часа
Must be desperate using " mr i love my kids " for media, get in the ring and fight the man who called u a cheat !!
Aaron Jackson
Aaron Jackson преди 17 часа
Impressive ha ha
Bigbencher 2001
Bigbencher 2001 преди 17 часа
Peter's a good sport but he's defo Insania...
Brandon Vallario
Brandon Vallario преди 17 часа
Literally the opposite is true. Take car accidents for example; if you tense before impact, you’re statistically so much more likely to sustain serious injuries in comparison to being loose at impact. Don’t know who told you to tense up, but good way to get hurt.
Willie Wonka
Willie Wonka преди 7 часа
good luck taking a punch to the stomach with no tense but your right when people really drunk get in accidents they tend to suffer less because they react like a doll.
Shaun mullen
Shaun mullen преди 17 часа
had to like this purely due to seen peter andre getting punched real hard hahaha
bigtonutz преди 18 часа
Dj none
Dj none преди 18 часа
Eddie Is not trying to box thor... Eddie's only plan is to put thor on the canvas, put 1 boot on his chest and hold up his pinky finger inside his glove whilst sipping a bit of tea
Erik András
Erik András преди 18 часа
See you do that with a professional, Eddie :)
Arg 99
Arg 99 преди 18 часа
6:19 Eddie's hardest punch
Chad Jones
Chad Jones преди 18 часа
He's shaking so much that I started counting reps!
James Shanks
James Shanks преди 18 часа
What a nice post Eddie, very insightful,, what a conundrum it poses
Kunal Hegde
Kunal Hegde преди 19 часа
Mysterious beast , I don't wanna get close to you 😂
Timmy F
Timmy F преди 20 часа
smallhungry goat
smallhungry goat преди 20 часа
Y'all were constantly joking about the fight being cancelled because Thor will get injured or fake an injury. How ironic the fight has been moved forward because EDDIE got injured lmao
Jimmy Nich
Jimmy Nich преди 21 час
Beef latte, Bovril??
Smileattack преди 21 час
Good to see you back in the ring Ed. That hyperbolic time chamber really must do the trick!
0 преди 22 часа
And to think weight lifting only made him look 43
Robert Fota
Robert Fota преди 22 часа
Hit the nail on the head my good sir. This is your full time job. Can't do this with an hour or two after work. It's a shame, because you look fantastic and I'd love to look like you. We have a similar frame but I'm a hunk of fat and you're hard cut muscle. Truly envious man, you're an inspiration. Keep at it
Nigga преди 22 часа
Hear me out Same video concept But with a pregnant person
Senzu Grower420
Senzu Grower420 преди 22 часа
The only thing for me is that Devon can't even extend his arms completely because of the years of arm wrestling , his elbows are fucked unfortunately, he's a badass though
Rafiq Rizal
Rafiq Rizal преди 22 часа
matt stonie: eats 90,000 calories
William Anderson
William Anderson преди 23 часа
Can you not hit him without the body padding??......PLEASE
Chris Shaw
Chris Shaw преди 23 часа
West is The Best ….
West is The Best …. преди 23 часа
This looks retarded as fuck -
Big Nasty
Big Nasty преди 23 часа
Why still practice? You're not fighting anymore...
Miri Hastenichgesehen
Miri Hastenichgesehen преди 23 часа
Somehow this reminds me at Bud Spencer as Banana Joe at the Army... 🤣
Anna Gramme
Anna Gramme преди 23 часа
Only man in history to have a twelve pack
Ali Hassan
Ali Hassan преди ден
I love you too much
D Roller
D Roller преди ден
I knew it! Eddie is a born singer!
Jackobsn преди ден
Dude got internal hemorrhaging omg
Project A
Project A преди ден
Go Eddie, can't wait for you to put Hathor on his arse!
Pixadragon преди ден
This man's a weeb !!! 💓😍
luke smith
luke smith преди ден
Eddie Hall now a boxing coach?. Blimey he's progressed quickly 🙄
Miri Hastenichgesehen
Miri Hastenichgesehen преди ден
"okay, make breakfast in the kitchen..." and the respond "in the what?" XD 🤣
Joe Gar
Joe Gar преди ден
I fast forward knowing there has to be a slow motion, 100% right. You go beast.
Jane Deacon Deacon
Jane Deacon Deacon преди ден