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Account Name
Account Name преди 4 минути
Thor is gonna destroy Eddie at this rate, was easy to see this coming though
Charles Yaryan
Charles Yaryan преди 6 минути
Threw a lazy Huke
Stuart преди 6 минути
Speedy recovery eddie
The World's Strongest Man
The World's Strongest Man преди 8 минути
You're absolutely wild, Eddie.
chris zarganis
chris zarganis преди 10 минути
EDDIE i saw the video youdetached it cause you were throwing with your arm STRAIGHT .. Frend you are focusing on strength while you dont know how to box .. its wrong you should do the moves and punches with the right technic .. IAM SERIOUS THATS WHY YOU DETACHED THE BICEP.. YOU GAVE THE CROSS WITH THE ARM STRAIGHT ..DONT DO THAT
Dora Vadas
Dora Vadas преди 18 минути
Imagine that he try my ~2500 kcal bulking!:DDD
Thomas L
Thomas L преди 19 минути
I think it’s because you punch with your arms instead of your whole body, like joe rogan mentioned.
ThePaladin5084 преди 30 минути
Eddies a beast, and quite the unique one at that. I pray for him, for a speedy recovery, and and I pray that he does ALL his of physical therapy everyday man...got reattachment surgery done on two of my fingers, and I missed 2-3 days (Separate occasions) of my physical therapy, and now they’re the only two fingers that don’t extend all the way and look like bananas. I wish you the best beast
Szymon Świątek
Szymon Świątek преди 31 минута
ENGLISH! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 " I have been saying for over a year that this disease will never end. Even the harshest lockdown, combined with the welding of the door from the reluctant house, will not change the fact that the virus will come again from abroad. The zero-incidence policy is utopia, and its promoters are the modern counterparts of the communists, trying to permanently change social relations and enslave people, deluding them with an unrealistic goal. Below the utopians, we have a lot of useful idiots who believe in this nonsense. Allegedly educated people, professors, journalists, people of culture and even doctors, have been repeating the greatest stupid things for a year, supporting the stupidest decisions, supporting the whole circus with their authority. The communists also had their professors and writers who fervently supported this red terror. All the rest are poor people manipulated by politicians and the media. I truly feel sorry for people who still wear masks on their chin or mouths, with their noses exposed, in places where masks are not obligatory. These poor people do not understand what they are doing, the media have deprived them of any ability to reflect on the virus for the past year and a half. I've seen people wearing masks sunbathing on an empty beach. I saw a man himself in a motorboat in a mask. This is the drama, the fall of reason and the return of the truly dark ages. In the past, the elite used science, such as astronomy, to predict solar eclipses in order to impose obedience on the dark people under the guise of magic. Today, the elite use superstition to exert obedience from the dark people under the guise of science. And the dark people buy it. We have a completely safe situation. No restriction is needed. Anyone who wanted to, could get immune to the virus. Whoever did not, made an informed decision to which he was entitled. In autumn, the disease will increase. Some will be relatively safe, while others, depending on their age and health condition, will be more or less safe. In this situation, threatening with lockdown, segregation, removing people from work or studies, depriving people of access to culture or gastronomy is not fighting the virus. It is a fight with freedom and with the world as we know it.Anyone who is aware of the current situation and supports further drastic attempts to divide people and deprive them of their basic rights is a totalitarian and an enemy of freedom. One day the world will shake off this madness. Your totalitarian proposals will and will bear witness to you for a very long time."
Mitchell Jack
Mitchell Jack преди 35 минути
Seem pretty good friends with the guy that chose the events for your winning WSM
Childof theSea
Childof theSea преди 38 минути
Do a Podcast with Antoine Vaillant, he has detached both of his biceps in the past 2-3 years and managed to go to olympia straight after. He is currently recovering from a bicep surgery as well.
Aaron Larsen
Aaron Larsen преди 40 минути
Hay pal no need to apologies I dont think .anybody that knows sport knows this is just one of the things that can happen good luck on the recovery........let's face it you dont need two hands against thor (the mole hill ) at least it wasn't during the fight
Mark Charles
Mark Charles преди 47 минути
Sorry to hear that fella , I wish you a quick recovery .
Chris Rose
Chris Rose преди 52 минути
Lol i got that exact popcorn maker in my house for movie nights
Ashley Smith
Ashley Smith преди 54 минути
Big love of the beast. No more to say
Chris S
Chris S преди час
Mad respect for the docs!! Get well soon Eddie!
Whatever yh
Whatever yh преди час
The worst part is that he will use this as an excuse when he gets knocked out in mars. We all know he would lose injured or not.
John RN
John RN преди час
I had to have a biceps tenodesis procedure last month. Taking it easy and letting it heal properly is most important thing. Try not to overwork it
Matthew Troy
Matthew Troy преди час
Dam it so sorry to hear that mate. get well soon
DaBread преди час
Why does it look like the cat got picked up on its head? 🤣 5:25
Sebastian _
Sebastian _ преди час
"Live with me if you want to come" - Arnold Schwarzenegger 2019 one of the best quotes of all time
Aubrey Crabtree
Aubrey Crabtree преди час
I love how every time the doc in red scrubs described Eddie he did the flex thing saying "with guys your size and muscle" Prayers for a speedy recovery.
Sean LuxEscapes
Sean LuxEscapes преди час
MATE this is by far the best vid ive watched in ages. RESPECT for showing this .. im going to be really scared now throwing hooks 🙀🙀
mohi ai
mohi ai преди час
Wish you a fast recovery
Kenneth Roth
Kenneth Roth преди час
Give em a big wet dehydrated kiss 💋
Efren Baconawa
Efren Baconawa преди час
Pretty impressed that the bed was able to support Eddie. Hahah!
Kelly Kilpatrick
Kelly Kilpatrick преди час
God speed on your recovery. With you all the way Eddie!
Justin Martin
Justin Martin преди час
Commentary over surgery fuck off eddie 😂😂😂 fuck i love watching this bloke 😂
Efren Baconawa
Efren Baconawa преди час
I wonder if Eddie still finds this amusing.
Hegelian Sours
Hegelian Sours преди 2 часа
robert preda
robert preda преди 2 часа
I thought i detached my biceps ones.. turns out i never had one :)
Mirrax преди 2 часа
This actually gives some chance to Thor as he is not ready yet, but if he trains more, the match overall will be better.
levellers80 преди 2 часа
Speedy Recovery & come back stronger.!!! Big love The Beast!!!!
Scott Manley
Scott Manley преди 2 часа
Please heal quick mate 9 1/2 weeks ago I tore my quad tendon off the top of my knee cap , just remember it takes time to get strength back and mobility just be patient my friend and look into getting some bpc-157 it’s a peptide that you inject into the injury site and it’s suppose to heal you like the Wolverine heals him self in the movie !!!
odneme преди 2 часа
is that not a crazy way to tear a bicep? that seems insane to me
Enrike Cinquocento
Enrike Cinquocento преди 2 часа
No one: Thor: *I had surgery without anesthesia.*
NormalStyleCrew преди 2 часа
5:38 the connor mcgregor method of fight loss
Izzaldeen Jaber
Izzaldeen Jaber преди 2 часа
Get well soon mate 💪
malfromthetoon преди 2 часа
Sedation is relative to size and weight and your a big lump ,, so more sedation.
MegaPoliyo преди 2 часа
Interscalene block, interesting choice. I would've gone axillary nerve block personally.
Mohnish G
Mohnish G преди 2 часа
my man put a spongebob timecard in a serious surgery video XD
IamMrNimbus! преди 2 часа
AKHIL TU преди 2 часа
Heal up faster
Janis Joplin
Janis Joplin преди 2 часа
Half-a-thor is probably being a total douchebag about this too.
Ro Ka
Ro Ka преди 2 часа
I became light headed just watching it.. you were wide awake commentating on it lol
Jamie Watters
Jamie Watters преди 2 часа
Man IV got a sore ass now
George Vrushaj
George Vrushaj преди 2 часа
the day you were injured I had a birthday 😲😜
Ryan Arm
Ryan Arm преди 2 часа
As a student physiotherapist seeing this is so interesting
Ethan CNTower
Ethan CNTower преди 2 часа
Eddie on drugs is one of the greatest things Ive seen yet..
mangss преди 2 часа
Why was it too big?!?
mangss преди 2 часа
Janis Joplin
Janis Joplin преди 2 часа
I'm so glad you have the means to get the best of the best to get you better. Man I feel for you.
Janis Joplin
Janis Joplin преди 2 часа
I have to admit.. seeing you in the clouds was funny brother. Big love, man.
Sora__94 преди 2 часа
You should learn the proper technique of how to punch look like you put too much strain on your bicep when you swing your arms like that but speedy recovery 🦾🦾🦾🦾
El Bow
El Bow преди 2 часа
EvilKnight _Gr
EvilKnight _Gr преди 2 часа
Why are you apologizing? You just got injured accidentally. Wish you well king
Janis Joplin
Janis Joplin преди 2 часа
I feel so bad for you brother. I already had the whole event paid for, room, travel and all and you know what? That's ok.. I won't lose a penny, things just moved further on ahead a little. What matters is that you get yourself together and don't hurt yourself anymore. Just get better, man. I know you have the best docs and advice in the world so listen to them and heal. We don't care about the fight being moved, we care about you buddy. Much love from the USA, man.
Janis Joplin
Janis Joplin преди 2 часа
Brother, we're still with you.. I have nothing but love and respect for you. Hang in there and take it easy brother. I bet Thor is super happy tho.. ol slimy yes man punk. LoL
Janis Joplin
Janis Joplin преди 2 часа
Bro.. please be careful! Save breaking your bones, muscles etc etc for Thor's face!
Dan C
Dan C преди 3 часа
Keep that bicep hydrated Eddie.
Infamous Zelda
Infamous Zelda преди 3 часа
Speedy recovery my dude, you do us brits proud! 🇬🇧
Md Farzan
Md Farzan преди 3 часа
Doctor's from which material this is made off 😂
Damian A
Damian A преди 3 часа
What the fudge man. What the fudge. The tendon
Márk Lázár
Márk Lázár преди 3 часа
It took me months to book a surgery :D get well soon
Slimblue 0791
Slimblue 0791 преди 3 часа
In the footage of you getting injured you didn't have your hands up when sparring you had your hands down and you was exposed to being punched. Also you hurt yourself swinging with a straight arm instead of hitting properly. I've never seen a boxer do that before when punching in sparring
Matthew Love
Matthew Love преди 3 часа
What do I do swallow 🤣🤣🤣
Monta преди 3 часа
hope for a fast recovery Mr eddie ❤
ô преди 3 часа
Eddie we want you to knock out Thor, but you need a new boxing coach.
Andrew Bell
Andrew Bell преди 3 часа
Eddie is such a funny dude. Commentating on his surgery while out his tree.
tushar yadav
tushar yadav преди 3 часа
thats eddie for us…get well soon mate
Adrian Besik
Adrian Besik преди 3 часа
Yeah yeah lovely 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤌🏻🤌🏻🤌🏻🤌🏻
Will Anderson
Will Anderson преди 3 часа
"that's the button that will hold the tendon in place" "What do I do swallow?" Hahaha, maybe the sedation talking
Dan Fuller
Dan Fuller преди 3 часа
Get well soon Eddie 💪
Janbacer преди 3 часа
Eddie:don't film this 1 weeks later: posts video about it
xoldmanpete преди 4 часа
In a way you're very lucky it was a full tear, I had a partial tear 3 years ago and I'm only at 70% strength back, I've had the PRP treatment but the tendon is scarred and scar tissue doesn't stretch lol, all the best for your recovery 👍
Da Gr
Da Gr преди 4 часа
Bromelain from Pineapples/ Pineapple juice is meant to help joint injuries.
Long Ly
Long Ly преди 4 часа
Fully respect!
Pro Alf-Pro Daddy
Pro Alf-Pro Daddy преди 4 часа
Speedy recovery mate.
SMC Detailing
SMC Detailing преди 4 часа
Haha during the op you cracked me up 🤣