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Aleksey 07
Aleksey 07 преди 14 часа
Nice achivment from eddie, be proud beast
Uncle Jon’s moustache
Uncle Jon’s moustache преди 14 часа
I just figured there would be more water coolers 🤷‍♂️
dan King
dan King преди 14 часа
That’s not the best gaming PC on the planet dude
Mikey преди 14 часа
Gotta say Ed you’ve done well for you and you’re family you deserve every penny brother
PDK O'Dude
PDK O'Dude преди 14 часа
Well done mate...good recovery time for that I think. Nasty injury. Nice idea to donate to charity get to settle differences and a good cause gets a much needed boost. Win win for all! I hope he pulls his finger out soon and we finally get to see you both in the ring!
ELSEY ZX преди 14 часа
Living proof you don’t need to be a smart to be a millionaire
Malone преди 14 часа
strength: 95 intelligence: 25 wisdom: 15 constitution: 5 level: 12
CrazyAir HyperXD
CrazyAir HyperXD преди 14 часа
Seriously Thor calling Eddie Hall fat there is no way he is fat that's a low blow he train's hard and he is Committed to his training a true BEAST! A huge inspiration and motivation to me! 😁 Straight up i am glad a man like you is in this life keep working hard a real legend!
KenZo преди 14 часа
Oh look. Another video of Eddie just waffling. Good message at the end but the stuff before, Christ.
Massively Mandela
Massively Mandela преди 14 часа
Awwww, good old alex.. keepup the Vegan/Vegatarianism. longevity awaits 🙂🤙 Arrrnold!!!
Malone преди 14 часа
Thumbs down.
Malone преди 14 часа
You’re a big baby. Go cry somewhere else.
Casey hewitt
Casey hewitt преди 14 часа
What an awesome property! It’s great to see you doing so well. The hard work has paid off!
GAME LIVE TV преди 14 часа
Hi, Eddie, is it true that you are playing a role in the new part of "The Expendables" with Sylvester Stallone? 13:15 - I think that this strategy of the Beast with the sword from the Final Fantasy will help a lot in the battle with Thor 14:10 - The Beast has a PC capable of pulling Cyberpunk 2077 at maximum...not to mention the presence of a scarce GeForce 3090 graphics card on board...
#break14 преди 15 часа
Great content Eddie. Fantastic home credit to the wife ofc. Respect 👍🏽
Tony ‘wheely’ Barrow
Tony ‘wheely’ Barrow преди 15 часа
Gonna look awesome with Christmas lights all over the roof line 👍🏼
Molejo преди 15 часа
"This water cools the mother board" *Points to the graphics card* 😂
Jamie T
Jamie T преди 15 часа
Eddie I want to see the dog in action.
Armathor преди 15 часа
Eddie's PC alone can knock out Hapthor
ben roseblade
ben roseblade преди 15 часа
Could only dream of owning a gaff like that
Enzo преди 15 часа
All mindgames again... shit's getting boring, just train and show up on the day. Oh and I hope putting up charity is not a PR stunt to gain sympathy.
James Anderson
James Anderson преди 15 часа
Well said Eddie!
hadje преди 15 часа
THOR ,NEEDS A LONG STICK CLADDED IN BROKEN GLASS &BARBED WIRE , & SPRING RAMMED UP HIS SHITTER & have a little boing boing around like a pogo stick, poor Thor with a sore back door lol
That gaming room is legit awesome Eddie!!!
DAGAL Pup преди 15 часа
Title got me dead 💀💀💀
Shayla Roseanne
Shayla Roseanne преди 15 часа
Armathor преди 15 часа
I love this place, it's more than a castle than a house, they way it should be. Love the outdoor aswell, big garden, almost a little glade in a forest. Hall has taste!
Cody Breeding
Cody Breeding преди 15 часа
The buster sword stole the show for me. Being a huge fan of strongman and Final Fantasy, it made my day
488Fer C
488Fer C преди 15 часа
Thor would eat you alive Eddie
Brent Broughton
Brent Broughton преди 15 часа
Eddie the house looks great! The grey/black accent on the windows looks awesome. The conservatory is sweet room, Alex did a great job
G Singh
G Singh преди 15 часа
Awww eddie this video was quite emotional though followed your journey for years, still the same guy taking care of this family a real man the peoples champion, stay safe keep hydrated god bless
Looks gorgeous EDDIE, WELL DESERVED! 😁👌👍💪💪
Danny Shipp
Danny Shipp преди 15 часа
kitchen wall we just knocked it down ....wat you really mean is eddie bulldozed it head first then casually scooped up concreate blocks filled his pockets up and walked them out to the skip lol
Dale Talkington
Dale Talkington преди 15 часа
Eddie you are the best thor is a dick you have the heart he. Has the ego he has to have every one tell him he is great the rest of us know the beast is. Much love the u.s.a
Tanveer Khattra
Tanveer Khattra преди 15 часа
Your house is the best that i ever seen. I am the biggest fan of your . When will you meet brian again . 👍Big love 💪,from India
jack lacey
jack lacey преди 15 часа
thor watching with envy
Dennis Jansen
Dennis Jansen преди 15 часа
and how often did Arnold pee in the house since Wolfies arrival 🤔?
Khubaib Mahfooz
Khubaib Mahfooz преди 15 часа
Larry is a unit and was shaking to the core I don't fucking blame him 😂 he's full of shit! Trying to promote the fight lol Eddie has done that himself
Jared Lehnherr
Jared Lehnherr преди 15 часа
He reminds me of Shaw
J190 преди 15 часа
Come on Eddie that games rooms too cramped sort it out
Adrian Louw
Adrian Louw преди 15 часа
Hard work pays off...
Ricky Dickerson
Ricky Dickerson преди 15 часа
amazing home and extremely beautiful. so happy for you and your family.
Caleb Israel
Caleb Israel преди 15 часа
That’s dope to know your a dragon ball z fan
louise costello
louise costello преди 15 часа
Eddie did something happen for you to secure your house and family and get the dog? ,I hope not, you have done a great job. Best wishes too you and your family...
Andrew Johnson
Andrew Johnson преди 15 часа
Why would ya want to move you have got everything a man and his family could ever want I'm 45 and well my life and flat is one step up from being homeless. But you've earned it...WoW..
Timothy Joyce
Timothy Joyce преди 15 часа
Rather than gates to your property you should just have a 500kg bar blocking the way. No one but you getting in then lol. In all seriousness, great looking place matey, you deserve it for your dedication to your craft.
Frederick Mease
Frederick Mease преди 15 часа
Eddie!! Can we all be friends after this Dam fight!!??? You guys are all inspirational to us all. Let's beat the Hell out of each other and get through this testosterone moment!! But then afterwards will it make any difference??? I'll bet the neighborhood children look up to you as well as Thor too. You guys are Giants!! Look around, see them that look for leadership and caring advice. Let's all just get along ❤👍 All the Best Eddie.
Harvwy Jones
Harvwy Jones преди 15 часа
Andrea Gobbetti
Andrea Gobbetti преди 15 часа
Is that the Capsule Corp. House? :D
Flibbertigibbet преди 16 часа
HAHA this made me laugh as my son has asked for a gaming PC for xmas so looking around and all he plays with his friends is roblox so he isn't getting anything special lol stunning house and I want that PC lol
mgktts преди 16 часа
Very inspiring video.
Urban Change Within
Urban Change Within преди 16 часа
Eddie & Shaq VS combo show would be awesome
bobby witcher
bobby witcher преди 16 часа
that house is bad ass
Bill Hovey
Bill Hovey преди 16 часа
Love the security cam at the first. This video is as close as we’re getting to your place haha
P0HTAT0 преди 16 часа
If I had the space I'd have a chandelier like that it looks cool as hell but just a little big.
Wardruna Ragnar
Wardruna Ragnar преди 16 часа
Well done on the bet - good idea. What you said to Thor works both ways. I know this trash talking bollocks goes hand in hand when there is a fight but i think you’re over confident too. You wind your punches up from the middle of last week, consistently drop your guard and your footwork is iffy. I think you’ll both be gassed inside 90 seconds. First haymaker landed wins. I’ve watched Rocky IV about 12 times, so my view is obviously worth considering
george преди 16 часа
Why not set a date already?
Brah, Trumpwon,bigly
Brah, Trumpwon,bigly преди 16 часа
I love hearing about the security. Wish more people had the initiative to do more for home security.
daboy12s преди 16 часа
Eddie, Francis is using mits, what weight are your gloves?
chris teo
chris teo преди 16 часа
I thought your house was Thor's head since you're living in there rent free.
YEBOAH преди 16 часа
Eddie Hall is a straight up bloke it seems to me ! Come on England LOL !
Archie Richardson
Archie Richardson преди 16 часа
Eddie you are the perfect roll model, beat the shit out of thor
mini ramp tricks and tips
mini ramp tricks and tips преди 16 часа
Your wife is bigger than me
Rob L
Rob L преди 16 часа
A roof good for 100 years? Damn. In amerca we have to replace the entire roof every 10-15 years
YouTuba преди 16 часа
When the PC is more hydrated than Eddie 😂
Rob L
Rob L преди 16 часа
Congrats eddie. you deserver all of this and more
Tom Whitcher
Tom Whitcher преди 16 часа
lewis 92
lewis 92 преди 16 часа
I like this video me started doubting you but now I’m back team Eddie it’s a very good message what you’ve just said big up team beast
Omandu HUisLife
Omandu HUisLife преди 16 часа
Dragon Ball Z is 🔥🔥 fav anamie👌💥
Omandu HUisLife
Omandu HUisLife преди 16 часа
So so earned Eddie and Alex, BIG love ❤ 😍 💖
zdravko kwstadinov
zdravko kwstadinov преди 16 часа
Man no way your wife is 5"11 she looks toaler than you you are with shoes also 😅
Esther Maymi
Esther Maymi преди 16 часа
Beast house for the beast 👍🏻😁🔥
Benny Nielsen
Benny Nielsen преди 16 часа
Why on EARTH would you photoedit yourself to have a sixpack on the thumbnail? I know you are not very selfadvertising and you of all people do NOT need doctored images? I mean, the reason you don't show a sixpack is that you have 2 or 3 on top of each other as it is.
ExecutiveModz преди 16 часа
It's kinda fitting a big house for a big guy a strongman legend and a British strongman icon.
C’est La Vie
C’est La Vie преди 16 часа
Ego showing again at the start, passive-aggressive poke at the 5% that didn't want to see the house tour. Why take it so personally Anyway glad you got rid of the rats and got a proper pet 😏
DRE The Third
DRE The Third преди 16 часа
I'm with you, Eddie. Any suggestions I make to my wife get chopped as well! Hang in there! Lol
zdravko kwstadinov
zdravko kwstadinov преди 16 часа
Did thor respond to your message? Or he shit his pants 😅
Flappo Spammo
Flappo Spammo преди 16 часа
Surprised you didn’t knock the wall down too 😆